26 November 2010

Biggest yoga class in Africa

The Biggest Yoga Class in Africa was recently held in Cape Town where 689 people gathered in ominous weather to show unity through yoga.


The Biggest Yoga Class in Africa was recently held in Cape Town where 689 people gathered in ominous weather to show unity through yoga. The event was held at the Art of Living Festival in Maynardville Park.

Jazz sensation Monique Hellenberg had the crowd singing along to her songs as the grass arena filled up.

Adults and children chanted Om as the sun broke through the clouds, lighting up people’s faces through the drizzle. As the rain got heavier, Sri Sri yoga teacher Gerlinde Vassen suggested people stop the class to get under cover, but almost everyone stayed saying they didn’t mind the rain.

The class brought together the unity that the Art of Living teaches. The Art of Living Foundation is a non-profit, educational, charitable and humanitarian organisation that operates in 151 countries with 3 000 centres around the world. It is dedicated to serving and uplifting society through various powerful techniques, programmes and initiatives.

People from suburbs all around Cape Town attended with their children, doing the downward dog and warrior poses. Yoga teachers came with entire classes, and curious tourists came to help make history in Africa.
Copenhagen goodwill ambassador Laura Lykkegaard Selander said, "My family had a fantastic time, I hope you do it again!"
Halfway through the class the heavens opened, sending people scrambling for cover. Less than 50 die hard yogis carried on to the end of the class including the event planner, Nicky Felbert-Lazarus, who said, "We felt like we were cleansed inside and out!"

Nicky promises to host another mega yoga class all over again in the sunshine.

(Press release)

(Pic: Andrea Powell)

- (Health24, November 2010)

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