Updated 22 August 2016

What makes Buchu a natural antibiotic?

The powerful health properties of Buchu see it working to address the cause and symptoms of infections, making it a potent natural medicine.

According to research, the miracle plant Buchu has potent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Cape Kingdom Nutraceuticals has been involved with extensive scientific research supported by on-going clinical trials in partnership with Synexa Life Sciences the University of Cape Town and the University of Stellenbosch.

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"Scientific research proves that Buchu kills off bad bacteria, which means it can address the source of a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)," Karin McCann of Cape Kingdom Nutraceuticals told Health24.

She claimed that as a natural anti-inflammatory Buchu acts fast to address inflammation caused by a bladder infection.

"While over-the-counter medication for bladder infections often only addresses the symptoms by neutralising pH levels, Buchu acts effectively to relieve painful symptoms as well as addressing the root of the problem."

A natural antibiotic

This, says McCann, effectively makes Buchu a natural antibiotic.

She said that while generally prescribed antibiotics mostly yield unwanted side effects, Buchu used as a natural antibiotic yields no harmful side effects and is safe to use regularly and over extended periods.

"Buchu can therefore also be used as a preventative measure for people who suffer from chronic or recurring bladder infections."

She added that the diuretic properties of Buchu also assist in flushing out harmful toxins from the body. "An increased intake of fresh water is important to assist the body in releasing toxins."

What is the best way to consume Buchu?

"The powerful health properties of Buchu lies in the oil of the leaves," said McCann.

She said ingesting Buchu capsules, which are made up of scientifically formulated Buchu oil and a carrier oil, will yield the most effective results.

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"Buchulife UTI Relief Capsules combine Buchu with Flaxseed oil, which is also an anti-inflammatory: the combination therefore gets rid of the bacteria and also reduces the pain associated with the UTI."

Buchu can also be ingested in the form of a tea or herbal water.  

"Topical application of Buchu in the form of gels and creams yields effective results with regards to joint pain, skin conditions, allergies and general or bite related itching," said McCann.

How to help prevent UTIs

With regards to urinary tract infections and bladder infections, McCann said it is important that all female children are taught from a young age to clean themselves properly after bowel movements in order to prevent contaminating their urethra with bacteria in stools.  

"Sexual intercourse also increase the risk of contaminating their urethra with bacteria," she said.

McCann said drinking plenty of water can also keep UTIs at bay.

"The volume of urine increases and this washes away all bacteria from the urinary tract before they can cause any infection," she said.

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