Updated 13 December 2010

Quacks and other science fraudsters

There's a saying: "A fool and his money are soon parted". Beware: there are quacks and charlatans just waiting to pounce on you with their fraud dressed up to look like science.

Minutes after Hannes Potgieter put his feet in the detox foot spa he was speechless. The clear salty water turned dark, then reddish brown and eventually almost black. The sales agent demonstrating the spa told him that the colour change was the result of toxins escaping through his skin.

After he'd used the machine a few times Hannes wasn't feeling any better and decided to perform an experiment: he switched on the machine but didn't put his feet in the water. To his surprise the water still went dark and eventually turned black. That's when Hannes realised that he may have been conned out of R8,000.


The truth about juicing

2018-06-07 07:07

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