Updated 10 March 2014

Patrick Holford's Good Medicine is just what the doctor ordered

In a time when we focus more on preventing disease and, when we fall ill, look first for a natural cure, Patrick Holford’s new book, Good Medicine is just what the doctor ordered.

Patrick Holford needs little introduction. This British nutritionist/nutritional therapist and author is a pioneer in new approaches to health and nutrition and passionate about making us understand that by changing our diet and lifestyle we can have an enormous, positive impact on our health.

Good Medicine is one of those books we should all have in our home libraries and that we can quickly refer to when we get ill.

Simply turn to the contents page, pick what ails you (from acne to migraines, herpes, Parkinson’s Disease, nicotine dependence and heavy periods) and find what foods to eat, which to avoid and which supplements will get you back in tip top shape in no time (and why they work too). 

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How to heal yourself health tips from Good Medicine

Picked up a fungal infection at the gym? Take a spoonful of oregano oil – it crosses the gut wall into the body so fixing the problem from the inside. 

Struggling with erectile dysfunction? Treat yourself to some grilled salmon with ginger and thinly sliced red onions but pass on the red wine. 

Do you have a constantly irritable bowel? Recognise the stress connection, test for a leaky gut, avoid foods rich in sulphur (such as bread, eggs, onions and most dried fruit) and get yourself some glutamine powder.

Hubby keeping you awake with his snoring? Teach him the Buteyko method which is basically learning to breathe through your nose. 

Constantly stressed out and struggling to cope with everyday tasks? Time to do some HeartMath – focus on your heart, imagine your breath flowing in and out of your heart to synchronise respiration and heart rhythm then recall a positive emotion. 

Skin prone to acne breakouts? Cut out sugar and fast-releasing carbs like white bread, cereals, white rice and sugary drinks that create spikes in your blood sugar levels. This causes the release of insulin which promotes sebum production

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What else can you learn from Good Medicine?

In the final chapters the author teaches you how to put Good Medicine into action. Learn how the low-GL diet can bring about perfect weight and blood sugar control. Personalise your supplement programme according to your individual needs and condition.

Also brush up on why you should increase your intake of antioxidants and essential fats and, finally, permanently reduce your stress levels.


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