29 April 2010

Feng shui your desk

If it feels like your career is in a rut maybe it's time you take action and…rearrange your desk?

Feng shui your desk
If it feels like your career is in a rut, you haven't had a promotion or even a whiff of one in years and your enthusiasm for your job is at an all-time low, maybe it's time you take action and…rearrange your desk?

No matter what work you do, or what type of career problems you are experiencing, using the following feng shui tips will boost your energy levels and possibly your career:

  • Always sit with your back against a solid wall and make sure you have can see the door and the window.
  • Position a desk lamp on the top left-hand corner or your desk to boost your finances. This will also help to focus your attention on your work.
  • Your telephone should be on your right-hand side, so that the people you call will be more helpful. If you are left-handed, put your address book/telephone book on the right for the same reason.
  • Your left-hand side is your knowledge area, so all reference books (including dictionaries, tax law books and encyclopaedias) should be kept on that side.
  • If your job is creative (journalism, graphic design etc.), you should have a rounded desk. If your job involves figures (accountancy, engineering etc.) go for a rectangular desk, ideally with rounded corners.
  • A rectangular briefcase or handbag will help you more likely to finish work projects that you have started.
  • Your computer should take prime of place at the centre of the back of your desk - an area that controls fame and recognition. Stick things that remind you of your career aspirations on the wall behind your computer. A photograph of your role model, a newspaper cutting or even a collage of work-orientated goals should do the trick.
  • Often you get so caught up in the rat-race at work that you forget about the spiritual side of life. Put something, like a beautiful stone, a small statue or a framed photo on the left-hand side of your desk to remind you of this important aspect.
  • Don't overdo photographs of your loved ones – too many will distract you. If you do have a few, put them in the middle and top right-hand corner of your desk.

Feng shui tips
Crystals: Crystals increase your energy, so scatter a few around your desk. Different crystals also have different qualities:

  • Citrine brings confidence, optimism and money
  • Rose Quartz is for harmony
  • Bloodstone is for decision-making
  • Carnelian gives you motivation
  • Tiger's eye boosts creativity
  • Jade puts things into perspective and increases concentration

Mini statues and figurines: If there's a cultural or religious icon that gives you a feeling of peace, serenity and inspiration, place it in a prominent position on your desk:

  • Buddha for serenity
  • A goddess for groundedness
  • A dancing Shiva for energy
  • Thoth, the Eqyptian god of wisdom

Bring nature into your office: Nature has an amazing soothing effect on the mind, so put some pebbles or shells that you picked up on a beach, feathers or small pieces of driftwood on your desk.

Your own cup and saucer: Bring your favourite mug, teacup or glass to work. Chances are they are more attractive than the dull office crockery, and will brighten your day a little.

- (Health24, updated April 2010)

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