Updated 04 April 2016

Meet Health24's Natural expert, Dr Arien van der Merwe

Dr Arien van der Merwe is a medical doctor and holistic health expert who believes in becoming healthy from the inside out.

Health24's Natural Health expert, Dr Arien van der Merwe, is an internationally renowned holistic health expert and coach with a wide range of medical qualifications and interests. Her areas of expertise include workplace wellness, body-mind and integrative, natural medicine, stress management and longevity.

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From Dr Arien

"Even after years of being a medical doctor, I still find myself marvelling at the amazingly powerful and finely tuned orchestra we call our bodies", says Arien.

She points out that we don’t give our vibrantly beating hearts a second thought and notes that we don’t even notice our brains and kidneys functioning. We never consider how our lungs work tirelessly to keep us alive.

"We don’t fully appreciate how our eyes, ears and noses open up the understanding of the world around us. We each have personal and unlimited access to a super-computer-driven piece of ‘technology’, with a mind that extends even further than the brain and heart! 

"Our natural state as human beings, is to be healthy but we need to learn how to support our bodies to be optimally well and maintain healthy, behaviour - and this is easier than you think", says Arien.

Workshop and courses

Dr Arien offers a range of courses which aim to help you maintain healthy behaviour and manage stress. The courses also deal with food addiction as well as retaining wit and mind-body health.

Here is a list of Dr Arien's Natural Medicine courses & workshops:
- Integrative Natural Medicine
- Health Coaching
- Stress Solutions Course
- Mind Solutions Course
- Youthful Living Workshop

More information on Dr Arien's natural medicine courses and workshops

The Youthful Living Program (one of Dr Arien's most recently developed courses) aims to entertain, enlighten and educate people on how to become a healthy, happy individual and reach 120 years of age (our natural lifespan!).

"My focus is on creating practical mind-body-soul online health and wellness courses which will positively impact the lives of millions of people," she says.

I believe in following an integrative approach which considers the whole-being; therefore taking into account body, mind, emotions and soul to help you find inner balance with natural health solutions and becoming healthy from the inside out.    

More about Dr Arien's expertise and workshops on her website:

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