Updated 25 March 2013

The difference between men and women

The arguments are endless but the fact remains that women and men are different. We have different traits, morals and views.


Biology has its place, but is that all that differs between men and women? Here's what our users say:

Joy Tanti - Well I read the general article on 'See like a man'and one thing I know is that men are different from women, and the opposite is true! You see women are wired to be detail oriented and emotional. Men on the other hand are logical beings. This difference is important in all the spheres of our lives be it in marriage, work place or in family. For instance, in marriage, the man will bring food to the table (considering that's the primary work of a man) and the woman on the other hand will think of the best way to convert it into edible food with different styles. In our society today, women do not appreciate their role as women and they only want to do all the dominating. The career woman in our society today ends up frustrated because of taking roles that she is not wired to do. No wonder we have many single mothers because the men they have interacted with do not want two dominating 'men' in the house. I can also explain the difference of men and women on the way they express their love. Women are emotional and they want to be complemented in what they do. Talk to a man on the same and he will tell you that respect is the only way that you show you love him. I think there is a balance where we can all appreciate the fact that we are different for us to complement each other not to feel inferior.

Henriette Jonck - I think men and woman are different in the way that say when a man must go on a diet, I just think he is not as strong as a woman.  I have gained 35 kg’s on my pregnancies and have lost 28 kg’s in the last few months; my husband would have never make it as he is not strong enough.  Men fall to easy for braai vleis and all those kind of foods as a woman when she puts down her feet to do something they do; well I am a very good example of that.

Sidney Coad Williams - Obviously men and women are different physically speaking and this applies to all fauna. Mentally women are deemed to be more caring. Thanks for the physical differences.

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