Updated 23 September 2014

How to cope with year-end stress

The end of the year feels like it's never going to arrive and you're just not coping any more! Follow these tips to reduce stress and get yourself through 2014 in one piece.

It’s that time of the year when your last holiday is a little more than a distant memory and you’re next one feels like it’s never going to happen! While you may feel like giving up entirely, there are steps you can take to manage this stress hurdle and get yourself through to the end of the year:

1. Just breathe. As an adult, stress tightens up your muscles and accelerates your respiration rate. Breathing correctly is known to have many benefits, including relaxing the body and reducing stress. Try this simple 6 second breathing exercise to help you unwind.
2. Survive the work day. At the moment you’re feeling like you just can’t handle another day at work and you might explode at any minute! These tips for surviving the work day will hope you get through the last stretch before the end of the year.
3. Learn to say no. By now it feels like every time someone speaks to you, they’re asking for something. Whether it’s the in-laws wanting to come stay, your friend asking you to co-host a charity event or the kids nagging for a trip to the local theme park, you just don’t feel up to it. Learning to say no is the only way to ensure that you look after your own happiness too.
4. Sort out your diet. You’ve fallen off the band wagon in terms of healthy eating with that daily chocolate bar providing a much-needed source of comfort. Proper nutrition and regular exercise are an important part of improving energy levels and reducing stress. Here are seven ways to beat stress naturally.
5. Try something new. Book yourself in for an alternative treatment such as reflexology. Therapeutic reflexology helps in coping with stress by reducing tension, allowing oxygen and nutrients to flow through the blood vessels, boosting your mental and physical health.


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