28 August 2003

If I manage my stress, won't I become laid back and inefficient?

Some people like to function on the "edge". They find that they work best under pressure and deadlines. They feel that stress actually makes them more productive and efficient. These people may not seek stress management training as they feel it will make them too relaxed and laid back to be productive. Fortunately, this is not the case.


‘’Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances’’. Thomas Jefferson

When purposefully relaxing tense muscles during relaxation practice, you learn to control the muscle through your mind. This mirrors the mental control you are capable of.

Effective relaxation training is important for the expansion of emotional intelligence. You need to be able to create an emotional empty slate (tabula rasa) upon which emotions can be expressed. If there is too much high-stress clutter, the common result is an inability to express or feel emotions.

The purpose of relaxation training is not to teach the person to permanently shut off the stress response. The goal is to teach people to increase their range of responses to familiar stressors, and to increase their nervous system and physiological stability. This allows you to have a wider, more diversified range of responses that would help you to more effectively, productively and creatively respond to your stressors or triggers.

Rather than a worry, fear or anger response to triggers, you will learn to become quiet, focus, become aware of your feelings, consciously relax and react pro-actively in a more appropriate manner.

Stress management and relaxation won’t ever let you become a passive lethargic wimp. These tools and techniques help you to fine tune your stress responses to familiar triggers so you use your energy more efficiently. If you want to put your passion and creative energy into your work, you can do a more effective, more impassioned job if you learn to balance the exhausting muscle tensing that drains your energy.

The outcome of a relaxation and stress management training program is more energy, clearer mental thought processes, emotional clarity and appropriate expression, and the development of conscious present moment awareness. This will increase your creativity and productivity remarkably. You will be where you are – not lost in monkey chatter mental noise, fear, needless worries and inappropriate, energy draining emotions.




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