15 February 2008

Sexy music affects body image

Sexy video clips have a strong influence on the self-image of young girls, according to a new study.

Sexy video clips have a strong influence on the self-image of young girls, according to a new study.

The study was conducted by Tom ter Bogt, chair of the Royal University of Utrecht's music and youth culture department. Half of the 500 youths he studied were exposed to sexy video clips from the dance and hiphop scene. The other half saw the same artists, but in a neutral video.

Young people, who watched the sexy videos, were more convinced that a sexy look was important to women. The impact of sexy videos was greater on girls than boys. This was due to the fact that girls are generally more influenced by their immediate surroundings, especially by their mothers, researchers said.

Boys in contrast do not appear to be influenced by their family when it comes to their music taste - except when it comes to the like or dislike of classical music.

Music choice indicative of character
Ter Bogt also found that people's personal preference for particular music genres remained relatively stable throughout a person's lifetime.

Finally, the study exposed a pattern between a person's musical preference and his character. Fans of hit parade music, hiphop and R&B tend to be nicer and more extroverted.

Rock-lovers, by contrast, are more introverted, sloppier yet more open-minded to new experiences. People who love classical music are nicer, more precise, more open to new experiences but emotionally less stable. – (Sapa) - February 2008

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