Updated 28 May 2015

UPDATE: 18 kg anorexic woman receives almost $200 000 in donations for treatment

Rachael Farrokh, the 18 kilogram woman suffering from severe anorexia, has successfully raised almost $200 000 for treatment and has taken to YouTube again to thank everyone who helped.

Recently, Health24 posted an article about Rachael Farrokh, an American woman suffering from severe anorexia. Weighing just 40 pounds (18 kilograms), Rachael was too weak to function and her husband Rod was forced to quit his job to care for her full time. 

Now it seems that Rachael's luck is changing. Her YouTube video pleading for help quickly went viral and, to date, has received over 2.8 million views. She has successfully raised $192 010 (over R2 million) using Go Fund Me for the highly specialised treatment required to help her gain weight.

Rachael has taken to YouTube again to thank everyone, explaining that the help was been "so overwhelmingly good" for her and Rod. Rachael goes on to say that now she "actually has a chance to live". 

Rachael and Rod are currently posting daily updates on Facebook: so far, Rachael and Rod have used a portion of the money to hand-pick a team of specialised carers who are helping Rachael gain strength at home, according to Rachael's Facebook page. When she is strong enough, Rachael will be transferred to a treatment centre in Denver, Colorado. 

There are, however, different accounts circulating in the media about whether Rachael and Rod have indeed contacted the treatment centre to arrange for Rachael's treatment.

rachael farrokh facebook post

Despite all the money raised, her appeal has not been without criticism. Many have been left wondering why, if the situation is so severe, has Rachael not already gone in for treatment? Why is Rachael still at home and why hasn't Rod and the hospital managed to come sort of arrangement yet? Her latest Facebook post above received a lot of negative feedback along these lines:

rachael farrokh facebook post

Many feel that it is impossible that a hospital would have turned her away. Others feel that Rod should've taken a firmer stance, getting Rachael into treatment long before the disorder became so severe. It will be interesting to see whether Rachael does indeed go in for treatment, whether she will be successfully rehabilitated and whether or not she will go on to live a healthy, happy life.

Watch Rachael's full "Thank you" video below:

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