24 August 2010

Facebook definitions

Definitions that will help you navagate facebook.

Wall post

A wall post is a message you can leave on someone’s profile. Both the recipient and the recipient’s friends can see a wall post.

Status update

A status update is like a mini blog. The user can post a status update to keep his/her fellow Facebook friends up-to-date with regards to what he/she is doing.


There are many types of “like’s” on Facebook. If you see a status, wall post, photo, etc, that you think is interesting and you like, you can click on the “like” button. It will then say “you like this”. The other “like” option is when joining certain groups or pages. If you click on the “like” at the top, then you will become a member of that specific group.

News feeds

News feeds are like receiving other people’s status updates or the latest updates of the groups you have “liked”. News feeds are always up-to-date.


On Facebook, you are welcome to upload images of yourself and friends as long as they comply with Facebook’s terms and conditions.


Tagging images allows people to see who is who in the image. You simply click the tag option, then click on the face or body part of the person you want to tag. The tag box will pop-up and ask you to fill in the name of that person. If you are Facebook friends with the person you just tagged, the image will also show up on their profile.

(Compiled by Kyle Boshoff, August 2010)


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