21 April 2009

Cheating partners

The number one question posted on talk forums is about cheating, and how to rebuild trust if your partner has been cheating on you.

The number one question posted on talk forums is about cheating – being unfaithful, having been cheated upon, whether to stay and work it out, or leave and start again, and how to rebuild trust.

Is he cheating on me?
Readers write in to say that they feel their partners may be cheating on them. Is this instinct or paranoia? Professor Michael Simpson, Health24’s CyberShrink, tells us the difference between being suspicious and being wise.

And if your partner is cheating?
And, should you discover that your partner is indeed playing the field, or you’ve been caught being unfaithful – can trust be rebuilt? CyberShrink give us the steps to restoring trust within your relationship.

Those married men
Quite often women write in to say that they are shocked to discover that Mr Perfect is actually a married man – it’s not as uncommon as you may think – and here are a few clues you can look out for.

The cybersex question
Without doubt, the cheating question of the hour on forums is whether cybersex is cheating and how to deal with it – read about the signs, how to deal with it and whether the effects on a relationship are the same as actual cheating.

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(Joanne Hart, Health24, updated April 2009)


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