Updated 31 March 2015

Health24 users' strange obsessions

Obsession: we've all experienced it to some or other degree, but do you know how bizarre people's obsessions can be? Our users speak out and share their weirdest obsessions.


Do you think that people who constantly fidget with their hair or check their cellphones incessantly are a bit strange or obsessive? Well, apparently their "obsessions" are mild in comparison to some others.

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a psychiatric disorder characterised by obsessions and/or compulsions which are likely caused by genetic or environmental factors.

Individuals suffering from OCD realise that they create their own obsessions. They feel that the content of their obsessions is beyond their control, inappropriate, not indicative of their character, and something they would not normally think or communicate to others.

Thus, their anxiety is intensified not only by recurrent obsessions, but also by the strangeness of the obsessions.

Common Obsessions of people suffering OCD usually include:

- Worrying excessively about dirt or germs and that you may become contaminated or contaminate others
- Imagining you have harmed yourself or others; having doubts about safety issues (such as whether you have turned off the stove)
- Fearing something terrible will happen or that you will do something terrible
- Preoccupations with symmetry, or a need to have things "just so"
- Intrusive sexual thoughts
- Intrusive violent or repulsive images
- Excessive religious or moral doubt or guilt; intrusive blasphemous images
- Excessive doubting or indecision: "Should I - shouldn't I?"


All you need to know about OCD
Take this test to assess your risk for OCD

Here are some of Health24 users'strange obsessions:

1. "Obsessed with pens"

According to Health24's CyberShrink an obsession is considered OCD when it interferes with one's freedom to enjoy one's usual way of life at work and at home. The disease usually begins gradually and worsens with age.

He analyses this user's love for pens and offers advice.

2. "Sexually aroused by myself"

Dr. Marelize Swart, Health24's sexologist, considers being sexually aroused by oneself to be a normal facet of sexuality. She explains that sexual ideation and feeling for self is a process that can sometimes make you feel as if you have no feeling or attraction for others. Read the full expert response, or comment if you've had a similar experience.

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3. "I sniff panties"

CyberShrink says that panty sniffing is common in sexually deviant men. He offers possible reasons for the problem, and highlights the dangerous consequences attached to this 'obsession'.

Similar problems: I smell my mother's panties

4. "Obsessed with my ex"

Getting dumped is one of the worst experiences, and can leave even the strongest person feeling abandoned.

Romantic obsession, which occurs when there's an unhealthy connection between two people can affect all of us. This type of obsession can be explained by means of the so-called "Obsessive Love Wheel" (OLW), which was designed to show a process called Obsessive Relational Progression (ORP). There are four phases of ORP and in the destructive phase, when the relationship is completely ruined, the person may suffer from deep depression owing to the collapse of the relationship. Feelings of anger can result in a desire to seek revenge. Read more about the Obsessive Love Wheel or share your break-up experience.

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5. "Obsessed with big butts"

It is normal to admire the human body, and to be attracted to or sexually aroused by specific body parts. But, at what point does it become an obsession?

Our sexologist answers this user, you can have your say or share a similar experience as well.


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