03 January 2012

Mind Games 13

Help a frustrated clubber crack the code, and see how money grows on trees.


Help a frustrated clubber crack the code, and see how money grows on trees.

34. Club Code

Benny wants to go dancing. His friends arrange to meet him at an exclusive night club – but forget to tell him the secret member’s password. When the bouncer blocks him, Benny hides behind a wheelie bin to eavesdrop.

“Twelve,” says the bouncer to the next guest in line.

“Six,” she answers, and goes in.

“Six,” the bouncer says to the following punter, who replies “Three” and also gets in.

Confident that he now knows the password trick, Benny marches up to the door.

“Ten,” the doorman says.

“Five!” says Benny.

“Sorry, buddy,” says the doorman. “Nice try, but no cigar. Get to the back of the line.”

Poor Benny! What answer should he have given?

See the answer.


33. Tree Tricks


Suzanne has a contract to grow ornamental trees for a landscape-gardening business. The client has agreed to pay R400 for every row of four trees grown. Suzanne only plants ten trees, but invoices for R2 000. When the landscape gardener objects, the wily tree-grower points out that she has indeed planted five rows of four trees each. How is this possible?

See the answers.

More Mind Games

Do you have a great brain teaser? Please send it in; we'll choose the best for inclusion in future Mind Games.

- Olivia Rose-Innes and Senora Sine Thirteen, Health24, January 2012


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