16 September 2011

Mind Games 11

In Mind Games 11, we try for an “Aha!” moment and practise our mind-reading skills.


In Mind Games 11, we try for an “Aha!” moment and practise our mind-reading skills. 

30. Daft ditloids

Here’s a word game that tests your ability to recognise figures of speech, facts or short phrases from just a few letters and numbers. For example,

7 W of the W means “Seven Wonders of the World”.

1 H on a U means “One Horn on a Unicorn”.

Can you guess what these ditloids mean?

12 S of the  Z                      1 D at a T                   3 B M (SHTR)                      

4 H of the A                           52 C in a P                15 M on a D M C

26 L of the A                         50 W to L Y L            7 DS                          

24 H in a D                            11 P on a F T            20 000 LU the S

See the answers


31. All in the eyes

Can you tell what the man in this picture is feeling?

Pick the one that fits best:

  • hateful
  • jealous
  • arrogant
  • panicked

See the answer

 - Olivia Rose-Innes and Senora Sine Thirteen, Health24, September 2011

Do you have a great brain teaser? Please send it in; we'll choose the best for inclusion in future Mind Games.

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