21 October 2007

Beating that World Cup hangover

A historic Springbok victory, a wild celebration, and a few drinks too many - we help you nurse that World Cup hangover.

A historic Springbok victory, a wild celebration, and a few drinks too many - it sounds like a sure-fire recipe for getting a hangover.

But what can you do to contain the damage? And more importantly, what toll does this overindulgence take on your liver and your health?

Step 1.
Read all about the morning after the night before.

Step 2.
Before you get a hangover, maybe you should first learn how not to drink along party lines. Learn about what steps you can take to avoid a hangover.

Step 3.
Too late, you've overindulged. Here's how to drown those hangover blues naturally and this is what you should do to reduce the effects of a hangover.

Step 4.
Getting a hangover once or twice a year, shouldn't do any permanent damage, but if you wake up with one every Sunday morning, it's time you read this sober warning on hangovers. There are also some clever ways to cut down on your drinking without being a party pooper.

Step 5.
Any questions? Just ask our CyberDoc.


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