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Broken teeth

Hi doctor, in 2002 I broke my front two teeth opening a nail polish bottle with them. Between then and now I have had 3 fillings done the third being the recent one, which is also the source of my question. The first two fillings I've had to replace because I broke them. I can't remember what I did to break the first one but I accidentally bit into a bone while eating braai meat and broke the second filling. I did not replace it immediately as I kept forgetting then I eventually went to a dentist. I went to a new dentist because I moved residence and I picked the one I went to because his practice is always full and the other patients were praising him. Because I first wanted to see his work, I asked him to do one tooth. Half of the bottom and about a quarter of the front of the tooth is cracked. He did the filling but he also sawed my bottom teeth without my permission. When he was sawing my teeth it was very painful and I did not know what was happening. He only told me afterwards that he had sawed my teeth. I was upset but I didn't say anything because he had already done it and it can't be reversed. He claimed he did it because I have "a deep bite and that's why I broke my previous filling" but he never asked me what happened he just made an assumption. I had had previous filling for 3 years before I broke it and as I have explained it because I accidentally bit into a bone, otherwise I had absolutely no problems with it or eating. So I left this dentist's practice very unhappy about him sawing my teeth and on top of that he didn't saw them even they now have a slant. Also, I now have a problem biting and the teeth he sawed feel sensitive whereas my teeth were never sensitive. Sometimes I feel a slight pain when I bite. What is worse is that I was eating just now and the filling broke off and I swallowed it by accident. It has only been a week!!! didn't feel it break off because my bite is now awkward. Should I be concerned that I swallowed it? What recourse can I seek? I do not want this dentist to work on my teeth again but can I get money back? Is there a way to fix my bite? I'm so upset right now. Also, I am currently away on holiday for a month. Can I still pursue recourse when I get back? Thanks for your advice.

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