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Posted by: frustrated mom | 2010/11/19


What to do next?(Sorry long info)

Dr I feel very tired and frustrated this morning! I''ve been posting a few stuff on here lately because this is the 3rd month my son is sick! He had had plenty of antibiotics, anti- allergy stuff, cortisone, ext over the last 3 months! He finished his Augmentin Tuesday and last night I had to rush to the Pead because he was screaming from ear ache! The Pead sent him to an ENT who said that he has bad earinfection in both ears, put him on Orolax and Zitromax, so MORE antibiotics! He''s much better today. My frustration and worry is: I''ve had my son to all the ''right'' people, 2 Proff in allergies , another specialist in allergies, giving all te right meds, ect. He tested low positvive on RASTs over the years but high for EA. 2 of the top allergists did SPT that was negative and advised me to go home and " live a normal live, as if he had no allergis to food" ...But surely he can be intollerant? So last night this new ENT went on about allergies and being sarcastic because he only sometimes eat an ice cream or pizza, making me feel very guilty for my son being so sick! I''m so tired of inconsistant advice, I''m losing my trust and hope in the medical profession....The big thing is, plenty of my friends make me feel like a MONSTER because I give my son so many meds, saying that if I only took him to a homeopath he would have been fine by now, that I''m braking down his immune system! I don''t know what to do anymore, I can''t leave him being sick, but I don''t want to be contributing by giving all these meds and braking down his immune system!?

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You are not breaking down your son's immune system. He is at an age when ear infections are very common. It is not unusual for some children of this age to have more than 6 episodes of ear infection in one year.Your son does not appear to be allergic and he must have another reason for getting all these infections. The main one is just attending a creche where he may be picking up one infection after another a she adjusts to all of the viral illnesses going around.You do need to build up his immunity by giving him a probiotic daily and also giving him either Creche Guard or Scotts Emulsion daily.Foods are unlikely to be causing your son's problems. If he at a creche he should be taken out and looked after at home.Now he needs a good ENT opinion as he very likely needs grommets put in his ears and may need his adenoids removed but that will depend on the ENT specialist's opinion. Your son should be able to eat a normal diet.

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Posted by: BMJ | 2010/11/19

Dear Frustrated mom

I really do feel your pain. Having gone through the same ear problems the end I went to a new ENT that was recommended by a mom. I laid my cards on the table from the start. I wrote a complete medical history included aprrox dates, which meds was used and reports on all tests. And then I asked the ENT to work out an action plan with me. So first we got current infection under control. He had to explain each meds to me and when he expects to see a result, then once the infection was cured, what next. If it comes back - then what. I had a thick, thick file. I promised to ENT to follow his advise exactly but I wanted open cards too and not just guesses. We eventually built up a really good relationship. My sons ear problem did not go away overnight - it took long and 6 sets of grommets. But I trusted him. I find a sympathetic dr better than a ''brilliantly qualified'' one. Which area are you in and who is your current ENT?

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Posted by: Carla | 2010/11/19

We went through the same ear infections over and over again. My son is now 1 year. Got grommets and I will recommend it to anybody. Good luck!!

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Posted by: PUrple | 2010/11/19

Getting your child treatment is the right thing to do. Homeopathic medicine works ont he placebo effect - so would not help your son at all as he has an actual problem and just believing it will get better (the homeopathic route) while swallong sugar pills wouldn''t help.

Yes, it isn''t nice to see your child on antibiotics the whole time as it does run their system down a bit - but ask your grandparents what life was like before antibiotics when people died from common every day things that we don''t die from anymore. Where they were lucky if they made it past the age of 5 and didn''t die from minor infections spiralling out of control.

You probably just need to find another ENT. The one you went to doesn''t sound very nice at all, so why should you part with your hard earned cash to have someone who doesn''t know the whole situation treating you like an idiot. You are a mother doing hte best for your child, find an ENT with a better attitude towards patients.

We went through a terrible patch of ear infections and so on with my son and although I wasn''t keen on grommets, we put them in and we''ve never looked back. We did that at 20 months, they came out as they are supposed to and all went fine and then when he was 5 we started the problems again, so we put another set in. He''s 6 now and I" m sure they''re about to come out, but hopefully the ear issues will be over now as his eustachian tube should be at more of an angle by now.

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