Posted by: P | 2003/12/07


What are your views on Circumcision?

What is the current view point of the South African Paediactric Society with regards to circumcision?
All other influencal associations discourage it.
There is currently a debate raging on many forums, particularly the 'sex" one. I was circumcised at birth. I now consider my human rights to have been violated. My penis was denuded of my foreskin removed for no reason. I now know that there are no medical benefits from circumcision only a multitude of negetive consequesnces, But circumcised men continue to defend the practice. What are we trying to hide? A lot of men are also restoring their foreskins, myself included, - it was taken without my consent! My sexual health is improving in amazing ways. I would like to know what your opinion as a paediatrician is on the subject. It is controversual, but it should be commen sense not to cut a part of a childs body out just in case it may become deiseased. We leave the tonsils in now don't we? Most people that support circumcision do so because they have never seen one. Have you seen one doc? And how did you feel about it?

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I have discussed my opinion on this topic repeatedly in the past. In essence their is no convincing medical proof of any health benefit, apart from possible improved hygiene and decreased risk of HIV transmission, but none of these are relevant if a reaonable level of hygiene is maintained and other measures are taken to prevent HIV transmission. I am not aware of any official view on the matter from the SA Paeds Society.

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Posted by: mom | 2003/12/10

EXCUSE me but this is not a 'political' forum. You are getting you foreskin replaced so get over it. I know it's hard for you to except that your mother curcumsised you, but i doubt you can remeber the feeling of the pain. At least you can get a new foreskin and not have a desease that is fatal like HIV/Aids which knowone can replace. Rather ask the paediatrician to give you the name of the forum four years ago and go through the archives and get your answer from there, whatever the answer is that you want to know, even if the doc give you an answer it woun't be what you want to year from a medical perspective. Go and see a shrink to get over your loss when you where a baby, if it wasn't for a medical reason i would also fight against it, so go to you people your religion ministers or whatever they are cauld and fight with them they make the rules, if it was for a medical reason i would say yes, because it is painful for the child not to urinate, while his forskin is blown up like a balloon, would you like to see your son be in pain every time he urinates?

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Posted by: P | 2003/12/09

You know circumcised women in Somalia and Egypt also respond that they are fine with their circumcision. But you would gasp and utter how could that be so? Precisely becos they have been indoctrinated to believe it and know no better. It is akin to rape and sexual abuse. People are permitted to have their own opionions you are right - BUT when they infringe upon the human rights of others it is not okay. Poeple are starting to wake up to the realities of circumcision. The posts are not by one person - there are many people who feel this way.
If I had a masectomy I doubt you would discredit my efforts to resore my breasts no matter what method I chose. How dare you suggest I get over something. That I find offensive.
I have not been reading this forum for years and therefore have not seen the previous posts - I would also like to know the CURRENT view of the Paediatric Society. Hardly ranting and raving. Go and watch a circ and then see what you views are then. Become more informed about the issue. Medicine has been wrong before.

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Posted by: www | 2003/12/09

I somehow get the feeling that the last 3-4 posts on this issue have all been from the same person - obviously all intended to get the forum Peadiatrician to comment. Well, he has commented about this for years - and so has everyone else around here. Everyone is ENTITLED to their own opinion - it is not an offence to have an opinion. It is, however EXTREMELY offencive when other's opinions get forced upon a person - whether it's about circumcision, abortion, politics or whatever. So you aren't happy about your parents having you circumcised when you were a baby - get over it and get over yourself. Plenty of people are very much in favour of having been circumcised and are happy about it. They are not trying to "hide" something as you put it, they are actually FINE with it. I personally do not think that circumcising should be an option when there is no health risk involved, but it is not my place to make such decisions and force my opinions upon others.

I think you will find that this and any other peadiatrician will remain calm and un-biased because that is how they are supposed to react. It's the professional way to react - not ranting and raving as you and I are doing.

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