Posted by: tired mom | 2004/01/21


Weaning and sleep

I have a 7and a half month baby boy born at 3,78kg, he is on solids 3 a day morning- 10am lunch - 2pm and supper 6pm.He is currently being breastfed as he demands but is waking up 5 - 6 times a night. A lot of people say its because he is not on formula. I am now trying to substitute formula but when i try to give it to him he won't take the bottle and I end up giving him breast. Can he smell breastmilk on me. How can I start to wean him off - or should i just stop completley?
When is his next vaccination due? I work from home and have a 3 year old and feel marriage, work and household are taking strain due to lack of sleep.Please help

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When a child starts to at well, breast (or formula) milk becomes less importantce. I do not think your baby requires milk 5-6times at night, instead he has become dependant on the comfort and security of your presence. The only way to break this routine is to take away the reward (your attention) for waking in the night. Thus if your child is not ill, cold, or has a dirty nappy the best advice is to offer milk only once at night and not to offer attention at other times. It may take a week or two of very difficult nights to break the cycle, but it is the only advice I believe will make a diffirence. You should not feel guilty, because it is important for your baby and your marraige that you are well rested. Discuss this new approach with your husband and ask for his assistance.

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Posted by: mom | 2004/01/28

My son is almost nine months now and he usually slept through but he changes his routine like he wants to i just have to adapt to it, with his teeth coming out now he wakes up three to four times at knight, but i don't give him any attention when he wakes up i just give him his bottle and get back into bed, but i don't close myself with the blankets because then i won't wake up again, when i wake up from getting cold, i'll take his bottle away, because then he is finished. I also change his nappy after he finished his bottle because then he is fast asleep and he doesn't wake that easily. Try to give him the formula at knight mabe he will drink it then, my son went off his milk and did not want to drink it until i mixed it with some flavoured yoghurt, only during the day at knight i don't mix it with anything, believe me they know the diverence between the taste. As far as the vaccine they only give it at nine month's again my son has to go in february. Try and give the milk a flavour mabe he'll drink it then.

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Posted by: Belle | 2004/01/22

At 7 months your baby is old enough to sleep through the night without breast or bottle. I put my son who is now 15 months old in his bed at night and ignore him until 6am. I know it sounds harsh but as long as I know that he is not sick or dirty I do it. He now sleeps through the night and after 4 1/2 years of almost no sleep (we had the same problem with our daughter but were to soft hearted to do it with her) I am now able to sleep through the night as well. If he realy puts up a bad fuss, I wait until he is asleep again and then go and check if his nappy is dirty without waking him up. If you give in to them they just learn that they will eventually get their way and next time just scream longer.

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Posted by: claire | 2004/01/22

Thanks for encouragement - good luck to you to! It does get easier but then to me three years old is also a very trying time - they are very independant and want to do everything themselves!!!!!!!!

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Posted by: 1st Time Mommy | 2004/01/21

Hi Tired Mom

I feel your pain my little one was like that. I now feed him twice a night and am awake for an hour at a time. The strain gets to you sooner or later. I wish for my little one to sleep right through aswell.

Good Luck with your Baby, hope all works out for you.

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