Posted by: Yolande | 2004/11/04


Trying to get baby to take bottle


Maybe somebody has some advice for me. I am desperate to get my little angel to take a bottle as I am returning to work. He is a big boy and will simple not be happy without milk during the day. He weighed 3.95 at birth and is now close on 8kgs at 15 weeks. He has started solids as he was extremely hungry all the time. I have tried Avent and Nuk newborn teats and bottles as well as Pigeon perastaltic teats. (The only one he has come close to taking is Pigeon although not without a fight). I have tried expressed milk as well as watered down fruit juice as well as coolede boiled water.

I am also battling to express. I have an Avent manual expressor. Is the electric ones easier to use and do you have more success with it? At the momemnt I am battling to express enough for his cereal! I really need to express enough for his day feeds as I want him to stay on breast milk till at least 6 months if possible.

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We have answered many similar questions in the recent past and maybe some of the mothers can give advice. Children will take a bottle if they become very hungry/thirsty and there is no alternative.

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Posted by: Purple | 2004/11/05

Please, Please see a lactation consultant URGENTLY they are experts in human breast feeding. Contact Tina Otte's family and child centre and ask for a number, or look in the back of your baby or living and loving for a contact number in your area.

First of all, your baby should be exclusively breast fed until 6 months - no cereal, no juice, no water. Your baby is hungry because he wants milk. Giving these things affects supply and demand, so you produce less milk.

Immediately stop giving all the other things. Breat feed as often as your baby wants and for as long as he wants on both breats. Immediately after a feed, express for 3-5 minutes on each breast. This will increase your milk supply. Yes, an electric pump is easier, though the manual pump you have is a very good pump.

Don't worry about your baby taking a bottle. Some babies are already sleeping through the night at 15 weeks (and lucky the mother this happens for), though this is unusal, as most breast fed babies need night feeds until 7 months or so. What I'm trying to say is if babies can go all night without food, your baby won't starve if he refuses his bottle while you are at work. After a day or two, he will take the bottle.
The New Nuk Size 2 teat is he closest to a breast in size and shape. The latex is softer than the silicone.

It is important that baby sucks for the first year of life, so as long as your continue to breast feed in the mornings and evenings and during the night, then you can leave breast milk in a cup for your care giver to give to your baby. It doesn't need to be a spouted cup, just a normal plastic cup is fine, or the special feeding cups you get, which have a lower side on the one side so that baby can get to the liquid more easily.

Please, please contact a lactation consultant as a matter of urgency.
Shewill help you sort out your feeding so that your baby isn't so hungry all the time.
She will help you to gently introduce a bottle before going to work.
She will help you to increase your milk supply by expressing.

What I've mentioned above is just to give you some background information.

A board certified lactation consultant has a qualification in human breast feeding and a medical background and will help you.

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