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Toddler waking every 2 h for bottle...please help.

Dear Paed

This is an embarassed question...our 16 months old (posted previously about sudden milk allergy) has started waking every 2 hours and then wants his bottle with milk or tea, not water. I know we caused it by giving him the bottle to get him to settle down quickly, so it is our fault. I thought I''d do some sleep training as I did with his older brother at the same age, but it was a disaster. I gave him his full bottle at bed time (19h30) and then water at about 22h30. He took a few sips and slept. Woke up 2 hours later, tried to shush him, gave the water which was smacked out of my hand and then the tantrum started. He screamed for 90 minutes, arching his back, rolling around and smacking away the water bottle after tasting that it wasn''t milk or tea. I stayed with him trying to calm him by shushing, patting, picking up etc., but to no avail. Eventually, at 02h00 gave in and gave 100 ml tea. He then slept till 06h30 (his usual time). I really don''t feel up to doing that again, as it was very distressing for the little guy, myself and my husband. Last night gave bottle again, and he''s ofcourse back to waking every 2 h and demanding his tea. We are exhausted, and me being 6 months pregnant isn''t helping in the equation. Please - any suggestions?

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You obviously cannot continue like this and your son is definitely playing to an audience. His nightly performances needs to stop and the only way is to go the route of the controlled crying method. This will be extremely hard on your nerves but there is no other solution to break this pattern soon.

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Posted by: Racoon | 2010/06/02

Thanks, HMom! Sounds like spiffing idea! gentle too. Will give it a try.

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Posted by: HMom | 2010/06/02

Ahh man - I can so relate...but let me share what i did. My little girl also woke every 2 hours for " milkies"  - well forumal actually and so i started watering it down. The correct amount was 8 scoops so i put in 7 for about 4 days then 6 then 5 until i got to 2 - well madam by then was getting bored with this watery stuff she was drinking and didnt wake for it any more. That was when she was 13 months - now she is 17 months and doesnt drink a thing after her " sleep bottle" . Lots of opinions will be you are not allowed to water formula down etc etc...but it worked like a bomb for her - within a month she was off her night time bottles. I said to a friend withthe same problem the other day...but her daughter drinks cows i told her to add more and more water to it that eventually it is almost pure water - but before then she will be offit...Good luck

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