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Posted by: kara | 2012/06/28


toddler meals

Hi dr, my baby girl turned 1 2 weeks ago and I just want to know what a basic mealplan for a day looks like when it comes to toddlers? I always struggle to think of meals and snacks to give her. If I can just have a day meal plan to work with then I can work from there! and when can she start eating EVERYTHING we eat as adults?

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I am sure that our regular forum members will advise you about this.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/06/29

something else i often do for supper is to steam or bake a bit of hake and pop pieces onto the high chair tray. My babies have both loved this - and its quick. I steam up a veg or two to go wtih it and do a jacket potato inthe microwave which I split between them. All in all this takes about 15 minutes so is a lovely healthy meal for busy nights.

Gem squash taht baby can dig out of the shell themselves is also a great favourite.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/06/29

Babies can eat what the family usually eats from as soon as they start on solids (obviously taking allergens and choking risks into aco -|- ).

As a baby over a year is growing more slowly, they sometimes get a bit pickier about what they eat at this age. Its normal.
Also, until they are closer to two and a half or three, they generally aren''t able to sit still for a meal, and tend to nibble throughout the day. Have them in a high chair for family meals and give them some of what everyone else is eating, but accept that it will be a while before table manners are established.

An old shower curtain under the high chair or newspaper, or a dog to hoover upt he mess is very helpful too. A damp cloth for wiping baby down afterwards also helps.

I''ve usually tried something along the lines of this:

boiled egg with toast to dip or scrambled egg are great finger foods for breakfast.
pronutro or porridge such as oats or maltabella or creamy wheat or a tub of yoghurt are good spoon feeding options for breakfast.
Toast fingers with marmite also go down nicely.

Mid morning snack:
I usually chop up some fresh fruit:
halved grapes, orange segments, grated apple, strawberries, pear chunks, peach slices, plum slices, mango slices, pineapple pieces, balls of watermelon, chunks of avocado, thin strips of banana.
Whatever is in season really.
If I''m going out, I take dried fruit with - apricot, raisins, dates, mango, apple, pear, prune (I remove the pip).

I usually find a sandwhich easiest. Peanut butter works well as does cottage cheese and marmite too.
I also give lightly steamed vegetables such as broccolli or cauliflower to dip in plain yoghurt or in hummus.
Sometimes I do fish fingers or chicken nuggets.
A bit of tinned tuna is nice too or a sardine or some chicken livers fried in garlic and a dash of butter.

Afternoon snack:
I''m usually tired by this point so generally give one or two digestive biscuits or some of the dried puffed toddler snacks available in baby shops - multigrain hearts, little puffed flavoured flowers.
Rice cakes are also great. Plain ones or yoghurt covered.
Little blocks of cheese work well.
More fruit is also nice.
A left over chicken drumstick (remove sharp bits).
Left over ribs work nicely too.

Cottage pie, chicken ala king, bobotie, stew, hearty soups. These all work quite well.
A thick strip of baked potato along with some peas, baby carrots and a thick strip of steak or shredded roast works nicely.
Couscous and rice and pasta are also favourites for finger feeding.
Baby marrow and patty pans seem to be enjoyed by most babies too. I steam all vegetables as they keep their colour and flavour better.
Thick strips of meat that baby can hold are great, as are little shredded pieces, or pop into your blender to make a chunky mince.
Mashed sweet potato is a definite favourite in our home.

My children have both eaten this way from around 8 months. Both began eating finger foods from a little before 6 months. I''ve also given food by spoon from the point where they began helping themselves to my plate of food at meals.

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