Posted by: Kippie | 2004/12/07


To Theresa

Hi there
Hope you had a better nights rest!
On the waking up of your baby - did you start on solids yet? My son was given solids at 13 weeks due to his weight - he was big at birth, 4.93 kg! First I gave him baby cereal in the evenings and this helped for a while - he slept from 6:30 to 4am, waking for a bottle and then fell asleep immediately, waking at 6 am again.
He then started waking up in the evenings at around 4 months, and I then gave him something with more structure to it like sweet patatoe (purity), he then slept through again.
He now has 3 meals a day (for a while now), and has his cereal in the morning, home cooked veggies in the afternoons and purity fruit, the big jar in the evenings. All meals are followed with a 200 ml bottle and in between he has rooibos mixed with applejuice or just plain water.
He now sleeps from 6:30 to 5:30/6 am !!!
I know alot of people does not believe it, but I am a firm believer that if a baby's stomach is full, he will sleep better.

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Posted by: Kippie | 2004/12/09

It is funny how I missed this site when I was pregnant - I was so zoomed in on the gynae site with all the friends and advice.
This is also a great forum and as you said, many of us from the preggies stage now moves onto this.

Eventhough this is my 3rd child, it feels like my first seeing that it is 12 years after the last - but I must admit, some things do come back rather quickly!!

We are all here to support each other.
How much does your little girl weigh now?
Mine is at 11.1kg at 6 months - already on pampers no. 5 !!

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Posted by: Theresa | 2004/12/08

Hi Kippie,

Many thanks for the good advice. I went to the clinic with her today to get her weighed and also asked the sister again for some info on solids. She gave me some documentation from Ann Richards. Basically says to start as you suggest.

Always great to get advice from a mother who has been there before.

Hope that you and your family are doing very well. Nice to see that you are on this site now - as I knew you from the Gynaedoc site as well. Also saw a pic of your BIG boy on the internet when he was born. Glad to hear that he is thriving.

Keep well. I am sure that I will need some more advice from you as the months fly past. These little people grow so fast.

Thanks again

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Posted by: Kippie | 2004/12/07

Hi again
Every one's view on solids are different and I can only tell you what have worked for me raising 3 children.
With my son, now age 6 months I soon saw that he was not satisfied with the Nan 1 formula at 11 weeks and the doc said to put him onto Nan 2, which also contributed to him sleeping much better. And as I said, with the solids, he sleeps through.
I started him on the first foods cereal, the maize one as I believe it is more filling than the rice cereal and also more tasty.
Start off with one teaspoon mixed with expressed breast milk. I started in the late afternoons, just before bath time as they are most relaxed by then and it should be in between milk feeds. There after you can give her a bath and give her breast milk to sleep.
You can do this for a week and then add another spoon full, gradually increasing it. After 2-3 weeks you can introduce another feed, also with cereal in the mornings.
I have never been a breast feeding mom (as I personally do not like to breastfeed), but I would not introduce too many changes at once. Rather start her on the cereal and after another month introduce formula, or visa versa.
I also know alot of studies were made on introducing solids only at 6 months, but to be honest, I have two daughters, age 15 and 12 which were started at 3 months, and they have no allergies. Most of us were also started at 3 months, as this is what the older generations believed, and very few of us suffer from allergies.
I believe that if allergies run in your family, you are more prone to it, it has nothing to do when you started solids. On this forum, I know Purple will disagree with me, but this is only my opinion, talking from experience.
Theresa, all the best and I keep that camera handy when she tastes her first spponfull of cereal!! I is quite a face to see... :-)

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Posted by: Theresa | 2004/12/07

Hi Kippie,

Thanks for the advice. I have thought about starting solids, but when I mentioned it to the sister at the clinic, she said that I should try and breast feed till 6 months. She has only had breast milk - not even formula up until now. She said that this is the best way to avoid her getting allergies to anything.

To think about it, she is hungry when she wakes up in the night and feeds till she falls asleep again - so it could definately be hunger that wakes her.

She has also changed her eating behaviour. She used to feed on the one side - then I would go and change her and then she would feed on the other side. She Now only feeds on the one side and then it is a huge fight to even get her near my nipple for a sniff. So I don't force her. I do wonder if she is getting enough off one side?

We are going on holiday in a weeks time - maybe this will be a good time to start with a few solids and see how she does. What would you suggest is a good thing to start with? I have heard that porrige is good. What porrige is it - is it the one made by purity? How much should I give her and should I follow with the breast or start with the breast?

I was also thinking to try her on formula so that if there is no expressed milk, well then there is the formula as backup. I want to keep feeding her with breast milk as long as I can - even if it is just in the mornings and at night.

Your advice is valuable.

many thanks

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