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What can I feed my baby girl she is 6 months old? I believe that I have to start her on solids because currently I feed her porrige and I also breastfeed him, he does not want to take the formula. I aslo give him boiled water mixed with brown sugar. The thing is she is too small for a 6 months old baby.

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There is no need to give sugar water (There is no need ever to add sugar to a child's food or drink!). Breast milk with fortified baby porridge should be sufficient at this age. You may slowly introduce other solidslike mashed vegetables. You may also ask your clinic for advice.

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Posted by: Purple | 2005/01/05

You don't have to start your baby on solids at 6 months, you should start when they meet the following signs:

-grabbing for food
-passing things from one hand to the other
-when they hold things, they can put them directly into their mouth, not miss their mouth
-watch what you are eating
-sit up nice and straight when sitting in your lap (they don't need to sit independently).
-tongue thrust reflex is gone

Don't give water with sugar - there is no point to this. Your baby doesn't need it. Before 6 months, doing this would reduce your breast milk supply.

If your baby doesn't want formula, then keep breast feeding if it suits you. Breast feeding gets easier and easier once your baby is established on soids.

Always give new foods in the morning so that if there is a bad reaction, you deal with it during the day and not at night.

Remember that breast milk is the sweetest thing your baby will ever have, so you can start with fruit for your baby. I did, and I can assure you that my baby happily eats vegetables, as do the babies of all my friends who did the same.

You don't have to give baby cereals, they don't have all that much nutritional value anyway.

A very good first food is banana - mash it with a fork till its very thin, then add a few drops of breast milk to it. Put some in front of baby on the high chair, if baby is interested in it and puts hands in it, its time for solids. You can help out by offering some on a spoon - if baby spits it out - try again in a week's time as the tongue thrust reflex then hasn't dissappeared.

I gave foods in this order:
banana (mash with fork, add breast milk)
avo (mash with fork, add breast milk)
paw paw (mash with fork, add breast milk)
apple (boil till soft then mash with potatoe masher)
pear (I used purity)
butternut (I steamed it then mashed with fork, add breast milk)
sweet potato (steamed, blended with breast milk)
carrots (I used purity)
prunes (I used purity)

At 7 months I started giving leathery dried fruits as finger foods.
At 8 months I included minced beef and chicken.
I also started giving cooled boiled water to drink.
I also started giving rice cakes as finger foods
At 9 months you can give yoghurt (use the full cream kind only)

When you make food, freeze it in ice trays in the freezer and then transfer to freezer bags with the type of food and date they were prepared on stuck on the bag.

If you want to use purity, still try to give some of your own food, as it will mean that your baby is happier to eat food with more texture earlier than a "purity baby" would, which means far less work for you.

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Posted by: Yolande | 2005/01/05

Hi Pam

Consult your pead or clinic, to make sure that your little one is healthy. This is what I did with my little one and he is growing beautifully: -

Offer a milk feed before solid feed.

Start your little one on baby rice cereal (few teaspoons mixed with breast milk). Give this to her at lunch time for a few days and see whether she has any reaction to it. If no reaction give her the cereal in the morning and at lunch time. Do this for a few days and then progress to veggies at lunch time instead of cereal. Start with the yellow / orange veggies - butternut, carrots and sweet potato. Give one variety for a few days before trying the next. Once she tolerates this you can then move onto fruit at lunch (apple, pear, etc.) and veggies at night. Once she is established on this menu and tolerates the cereal, fruit and veggies you can progress to the mixed varieties.You can also give her the maize cereal instead of the rice one.

Eventually the menu will look like this: -

6am Milk
8am Cereal
10am Milk
12pm Fruit
2 pm Milk
4pm Veggies
6pm Milk

Breast fed babies will most probable still neen a feed during the night as well. Try and stick with breast feeding and do not switch to formula if possible. Babies thrive on breasty milk normally and it is best for your little one! With the above she should not really need the water and sugar, unless really thirsty.

Hope that helps.

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