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Posted by: Debbie | 2010/02/02



Hi there,
Ive read so much about the symptoms of teething - and now my 7 month old started showing all the signs last night. Runny tummy, temperature of 37.7, she didnt want to finish her bottle and we didnt sleep at all last night. She also has dark rings under her eyes. And she is chewing on everything she can get her hands on. She also vomitted twice - but I think that was more from getting her self worked up and the moaning - then the actual teeth...

How long should a tooth take to show, or how long is it " okay"  for her to have a fever, at what stage should I make sure its not something else that is wrong?
Thanks for the help!

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The vomiting an diarrhoea is not due to teething but is due to a gastro infection. Give your baby frequent extra sips of an electrolyte solution such as Rehidrat. If the vomiting continues please take your baby to see a doctor as dehydration is always a danger.

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Posted by: R | 2010/02/02

I think your baby is sick.

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Posted by: Purple | 2010/02/02

The runny tummy, vomiting and temperature are not symptoms of teething. It is coincidence that she has these at the same time as teething.

Your baby is sick.

For the temperature, dress her in just her nappy and give her some calpol or panado.

For the runny tummy and vomiting, you need to replace the fluids she is losing, so give her watered down energade, or give her a rehydration solution that you can buy from your chemist. A rice based one like cera light is gentle on her tummy.
Also buy a probiotic such as reuteri and give that to her. You get it in drops for babies who can' t yet chew a pill.

If she is also teething, then put some teejel on her gums or use vidol powder. Give her rubber or fridge cooled teething rings that are filled with water. The vidol will help with the pain. Don' t give this in addition to panado or calpol as it contains paracetemol. IF youare giving panado or calpol for her temperature, then this will help with her teething pain too.

If your baby won' t drink the rehydrate solutions, wrap her in a blanket so she can' t fight you off and get it into her mouth by syringe. Dehydration is dangerous in babies.

It' s an old wives tale that teething makes babies get temperatures and runny tummies. Never heard even an old wives tale say that it causes vomiting though. Teething causes teeth - and nothing else.

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