Posted by: Nats | 2004/11/22



My son is going for 22 months. he has being throughing temper tantrums 12 months months now. we have been able to control them with our actions with him and the way we communicate with him.

He has started something which is very worrying. He throughs a tantrum, he cries and stop breathing all together. The other night, he stoped breathing while throughing a tantrum, he fell to the groung and totally passed out, he eyes rolled and he went all stiff.

We didnt know what to do to get him to start breathing again.

How do i stop him from getting such tantrums and when he does through such a tantrum, how do i get him to start breathing again. This is realy worrying me.

Please help...........

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It is well known that children can throw such severe tantrums, but the best advice is to ignore the behaviour completely and never to give in to any demands made. The breathing always returns spontaneously even if they appear to lose consciousness for a short while. If these episodes occur when he is not throwing a tantrum it needs to be evaluated or if it persists after you have ensured that your are consistent in your response.

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Posted by: me | 2004/11/23

hi Nats

My son did the same thing at about 1 year old, it's scary when they turn blue around the mouth and dont respond to you. I asked our doctor what to do and he said ignore it. Dont make a fuss about it and stay calm. He didn't do it for very long as it got him nowhere in our house. As purple says when they pass out they will start to breathe again and come to very quickly. If you make a fuss about it then they very quickly realise that it gets them attention and will keep doing it. I did however stick his head under a cold tap a time or two which also stopped the tantrum and got him breathing.

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Posted by: Purple | 2004/11/23

Many children hold their breath when having a temper tantrum.

Just blow in his face and he'll take a breath.

If he holds his breath till he passes out, don't worry, when he passes out, he will start breathing automatically, as you can't forcefully hold your breath when you are unconscious.

Don't know what you can do about the temper tantrums though.

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Posted by: Mother | 2004/11/23

Please take him to the doctor, it sounds like it is more than a tantrum. How does one stop the self from breathing?

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