Posted by: Darma | 2004/12/14


suggestions to increase breastmilk

is it ok to mix formula and breastmilk? my baby is now 4 month's old and has never used formula before... my don't express milk fast enough during the day, the milk supply is very slow... any suggestions... don't want to give my girl formula.... very sad about that...

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You may mix breast milk and formula, but it is important to maintain good hygeine principles. Any breast milk that a child can get is a bonus.

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Posted by: Nuffing | 2004/12/14

For me the best way to get a lot of milk expressed was to express one breast while breast feeding baby with the other.

My baby got a far better let down reflex that the pump ever could and I was able to fill a large bottle with just one breast.

Once I wasn't watching and it started over flowing!

I wasn't able to express at work, but I worked flexy hours and was less than 2km from home, so I'd go home after 4-6 hours and have huge breats and give baby a big feed and express 1 -2 bottles at the same time.

I don't think it;s ideal, but it worked very well for me.

My babies never had any formula, and I bought 1 can of growing up milk when they stopped breastfeeding at 12-13 months and then didn't bother after that...

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Posted by: PUrple | 2004/12/14

Glad its made you feel a bit better. Yes, with time things do improve.

By 6 weeks, your supply and demand is usually established, so things improve dramatically then.

I also forgot to say that everyone's rate of flow is different. Some people have such a fast flow that they need to lean backwards, baby has a full feed in less than 5 minutes, is choking and spluttering on the milk, etc, other people take ages to feed. I have two different breats - one pours milk out, the other trickles milk out. My son is just as happy with both breasts.

You are definitely normal. Breast feeding might be natural, but its still a skill to be learned. I saw a lactation consultant and went to a weekly support group, it was such a good move, I would strongly recommend it.

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Posted by: Darma | 2004/12/14

that last part is what now sattisfies me... i was really worried...
i now get up at 2 in the mornings to express, last night i only got about 40ml... it is really depressing me, but now that i know it is normal i am happy again.. hehehe

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Posted by: Purple | 2004/12/14

Don't mix formula and expressed milk together. Formula must be mixed exactly as per the instructions on the tin.

To increase your breast milk, you should feed more often and express more often. Also, as soon as you have finished a feed, express for about 20 minutes (you can do each breast as baby finishes on it). You need to express 20ml or more to increase your supply.

Everyone's milk flow is different. it is fastest if you are relaxed and happy (not always easy). If you aren't with your baby, then take a picture of baby and look at it while expressing, or take the clothes baby slept in the night before and smell them while expressing.

No foods or drinks or anything like that will increase your breast milk supply. However, eat healthily for good quality milk.

If you need breast feeding advice, you should contact a lactation consultant, they are experts in human breast feeding (a number for your area will be listed in the back of any baby magazine or Your Pregnancy magazine).

I understand how you feel about giving formula. I've had a breast reduction, so have to give my baby formula as I don't have enough breast tissue to produce enough milk, and for the first week, I felt awful about it, till I came to the realisation that its the fact that my baby is healthy and gets enough milk that's important.

If your baby is under 6 weeks, you know its getting enough milk if it has 6-8 wet nappies, 2-5 poo nappies a day and is putting on weight steadily. When baby is older than 6 weeks, as long as weight gain is sufficient and baby seems content, then baby is getting enough.

Expressing is not easy, it takes a little while till you are able to just sit down and express and milk starts flowing. I express twice a day at work, and some days get barely anything, other days its like a waterfall and I get more in 5 minutes than other days of expressing for half an hour.

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