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Strage behaviour with penis

Hi, I have a to year old boy which lately has been a little bit anxious about his penis, and I fear that a scary episode a couple of weeks ago may have caused this.

When we visited my sister he spilled some icecreem on his summer jacket which I couldn' t get of. I ended up tossing it in the sink in the bathroom and washed it by hands. I had placed it with the outer shield (which was the filthiest)downward and the lining was blooping up through the suds in air filled pockets, and when I tried to push one down another one emerged immediately accompanied by a rumbling sound. I didn' t think that this could be anything but fun, and didn' t at all think of it as scary fore my son who was standing next to me, watching his beloved jacket being submerged into water and its lining emerging through the suds as big shiny grumbling balloons, suddenly I noticed him, with big open eyes and open mouth, then he almost fled the room. It took me some seconds to collect my thoughts, and then me and my sister run after him, we found him in the hallway a bit shaky not very far away, poor thing I sat down talking to him, telling him that it was okay and no harm was done to his jacket. I asked him to come with me to see, but of course he refused. I asked him if he was scared, he said ” scared in peer , I thought that was a bit weird, but then again it is his way of describing how he feels but then again . I was standing for some new seconds thinking about what am I going to do about this. I realized that I probably had scared him a bit. We decided that my sister would carry him with her to show him it' s no harm done when I washed, She lifted him up carrying him with her, when they got to the washing room he started complaining at bit and hold his hands on his diaper,we decided to take it of, we found that it was wet and that his penis was bit stiff, I thought maybe that was why he said he was scared in it. I carried him towards the sink to show him it wasn' t dangerous, he clutched to me and his penis got stiffer actually swelled a bit when we got closer and when touched the " lining balloons"  myself and pushed one of them down making another one forming up he yanked and now his penis got some quite visible contractions, I could see that his penis was bothering him so we took a break and talked to him, he loosened a bit, and after a while he agreed to stay within the room and he could watch or not i he wanted, when I started washing again, he now and then tried to look, but his penis got stiffer when he tried and it bothered him, I turned the jacket fore a while and washed the outer shield, and him calmed a bit down when the lining wasn' t that visible, after a while we turned it little by little again and then he managed to look at it, though being a bit nervous at the start, and he even managed to laugh a bit of it to. He was watching me and sometimes I put a hand on one balloon and pushed and when the blurp followed by a new balloon come, he yapped an almost jumped he managed to turn back after some convincing talk from me, and after a while it seamed that he actually got familiar with it and managed to see a quite deal of fun with it, to my big relief. His penis was still erected and each time he jumped or got at bit scared I could notice some minor contractions in it. Is that normal? I haven' t seen that before? Does it have something to do with him being scared? He was also holding his hands over it a lot of times.

When finished with washing we put it in the washer for the last rinse and a delicates spin cycle, he started " yapping"  when it started spinning and was a bit anxious when we opened the lid and I could see that he was a little bit shaky again when I pulled it out.

After it was hanged to dry and he had calmed down I thought it was ok, but at bedtime when he was going to pee, he complained over tickling in his penis and he suggested " maybe its bwoken"  (broken), I just laughed about it then and he aswell and he managed to pee. The day after he also complained a bit but then later of the day he said it was beginning to get well again.

Even though it in the end was mostly funny he actually refused to be wearing it when it was all dried and clean, he wouldn' t even touch the lining (he was picking a bit on the outer shell though), making me realize that the lining had probably scared him, after a lot of fuzzing he at the end agreed to try to touch it and after a while we got him to try it on, he was a bit shaky and was looking in the lining the hole time.

And now the issue
He has been very kind and gentle with his penis after the episode and he sort of cuddles with it he pats it not really plays with it as he did earlier. He talks a lot about it and actually seems to worry a bit about it. He told his father when he came home that I scared his penis, that' s how he talks about it. He also doesn' t quite like it when it gets a bit erected, and that was not a problem before the episode. He seems to dislike it getting erected, and it sometimes does since he' s patting it. I thought it would settle down but now over a week has passed.

So is it anything we should do about this? Or will i just settle down? Was It wrong to bring him into the bath again? Is what happened to the penis normal? Could it in some way disturb his view on it?

I take any advice you have

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This is normal and has no sexual cause at all at your son's age. Do not make a fuss or question him about this episode.He will soon forget about it.

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