Posted by: 1st Time Mommy | 2004/11/03


Speaking and sterelized water

Hi Doc

My son is going on 14 months and I'm concerned about him not speaking yet, he baby talks but says no words nothing. Is this cause for alarm or am I overracting. When do babies start talking? My little one has been late in everything his done, crawling, sitting, rolling, teething, his not walking yet but looks like he will soon. He is also 6 1/2 weeks premature does this play a role in him being so late? How can I help him? His a very clever little boy, I'm just worried.

I would also like to know when he can go over to plain tap water as I'm still sterelising his bottles and his water for juice.

I guess once you become a parent you worry all the time. I just want the best for my son and am prepared to do anything it takes to ensure he is developing as he should.

Thank You for you time.
Very worried 1st time mommy

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After 12 motnhs children can drink ordinary clean water and drink from a clean bottle. Language milestones are often very variable, but at 14 months of age I would definitely not be concerned as long as you ensure that his hearing is normal. Prematurity does lead to slightly delayed milestones, especially in the first year or two.

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Posted by: dr anonymous | 2004/11/04

It is advisable to boil water until 2yrs & preferably longer.
Toddlers are very prone to diarhoeal diseases at this time so it is advisable to boil till 2yrs.

Also yes premies may be a bit delayed in their milestones.

If you are concerned about his speech, have a speech therapist assess him & they will picj up if anything is amiss. Also early therapy is recommended should need be.

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Posted by: 1st Time Mommy | 2004/11/04

Thank you so much for responding.
My imagination was beginning to take it's tole on me, and started to wonder if something was wrong, that I was missing or didn't know about.

I feel much better. I think I panic and worry too much that it gets a little too much and I start wondering if I'm doing something wrong or not enough.

Joanne E, thanks for the offer I may just take you up on it!

Thanks a Mil
1st Time Mommy

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Posted by: Purple | 2004/11/04

Just a comment on Joanne E's comment on tap water. SA tap water is one of the cleanest and safest in the world, so when your paed is happy for you to give tap water its not a problem. Remember that tap water is purified and bottled water isn't.

I have also been wondering when you can make the change from boiled water to tap water.

With the sterilising of bottles, you only need to sterilise the ones that have had milk in them. (from when baby is 6 months old, they develop their own immune system, so you only need to sterilise bottles that have had milk, if you give milk in a cup you don't need to sterilise the cup, and if you give juice in a bottle, you don't need to sterilise the bottle.)

Regarding prem babies, if your baby was 61/2 weeks prem, then she will reach milestones about 6 1/2 weeks after other babies. You have to work on her corrected age not her birth age. A baby only 3 weeks early will catch up in about a year, the more a baby is prem, the longer the catch up time. They do catch up though. The babies that don't seem to catch up and suffer long term damage are those born at about 24 weeks or so.

Many twins are born at 34 weeks like your baby, and once they've caught up by about age two or three, you would never know they were prem.

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Posted by: Joanne E. | 2004/11/04

My boy was 8 weeks prem and apparently it takes three to four years (his paed told me this) for them to "catch up" 100% but they do. How much do you talk to him? Try to have constant chatter, even if it sounds like rubbish "see, here I am pouring your apple juice into your red cup" etc.

I wouldn't even give myself tap water here so I'd say keep boiling it for juice and the likes - can't remember when I stopped sterilising bottles though, sorry

If you need encouragement email me

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Posted by: Muschy | 2004/11/04

All babies develop at their own pace, studies have shown that most prem babies are late developers but reasons for this is very vague. My brother was a prem baby and he was also a late developer still is behind most kids his age but they do catch up. What we used to do with my brother was to get stories on tape and have them playing in his room or the lounge where ever he was present, we also had flash cards that we sat and did with him. Those really seemed to work.

Where the water is concerned I think it is save to start him on normal tap water would still sterelize the bottles but try to get him on a sippy cup.

Being a parent is a scary job I know my daughter is 4 and she still scares the bejesus out of me sometimes, but it is all worth it.

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