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Posted by: colette | 2007/07/08


Soy milk allergy and possibly Cow's Milk

Hi Doc,

My little girl is now 3 months old, struggled to get a suitable formula, tried Nan and NAN HA, was very constipated, was advised to try ISOMIL, on which she had terrible diarea, Pead advised that I should put her on Nestle Alfare for 2 weeks and then tried the Novalac AC, but was still constipate and had lots of wind. Around 8 weeks old she started to be difficult from 4pm till 7pm at night. During this time she would cry and pull up her legs like she had cramps, giving buscopan didn't help much. She would also not feed during this time although she would be hungry. I thought it might be colic but now that she's 3 months old, she is still acting the same way but now she fights when she has to drink her milk any time of the day. She takes the milk greadily but within seconds pushes the bottle out and starts crying. I can't even put her in the drinking position then she cries. She also ocassionally brings up a lot of milk after feeding, so much that I have to change her clothes. Every other time when she burps, she also brings up some milk. Could she this be an indication that she is also allergic to cow's milk. If so what formula milk can I put her on? Can she have GERD? If so what meds can I give her?

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This is very difficult as she is intolerant of soya formulas as well as cow's milk formulas. She does seem to be regurgitating milk as well so probably has reflux.Probably the best formula for your daughter is a new formula for cow's milk allergic babies called Neocate. Unfortunately this is very, very expensive. Novalac is certainly not the answer being a cow's milk formula. It may be possible to get hold of a goat's milk formula, but this must be a high quality product. Speak to your pharmacist about this and to a dietician who is experienced in managing allergic babies.You must give your baby a vitamin supplement if you use a goats milk formula.It is best if her reflux is treated by her paediatrician.

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Posted by: Liz | 2007/07/12

You need to get her on the Goats milk as soon as possible before she develops a complete aversion for a bottle and refuse to feed completely. My baby only started drinking again when she was 6 months old from when she was 8 weeks old. It was a very stressful time. And all that just because it took 7 doctors 4 months to figure out she was allergic to cow’s milk formula. Even when we changed formula she already decided that she is not drinking any milk. You can order goat’s milk from Discem if you can’t find any on their shelves. You can give her some of Aim’s Barleylife to insure she gets enough minerals and vitamins as the goats milk is not supplemented with it. Good Luck and you're on the right track just act quickly. Read Mary Ann Shearer's book Healthy Kids The Natural Way and you'll learn a great deal about what to feed you baby in months to come.

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Posted by: Mommy | 2007/07/09

Maybe a combination between reflux and milk proteien allergy? You can also try Novalac Allernova. It is very expensive, but the milk is specifically fomulated for milk allergies. My little boy is also allergic to cows milk as well as soy (he gets very chesty). The Novalac Allernova helped for him, but it was too expensive. My little one is now on goats milk and is doing fantastic. For the reflux you get various fantastic medicines which your paed can prescribe. My little one is on Nexium which helps a lot.

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