Posted by: Lindie | 2009/01/20


Sleeping problems

Hi Doc,
I wrote to you about a problem i have with my baby who is now 5months old and doesn' t sleep during the day only sleeps after 9pm. You suggested that i should start her on solids and Lactogen1. I have intoduced her to rice cereal, give her 3tsp in the morning and in the afternoon with formula in between ( she only takes 50ml). The problem is still persisting. No matter what i do, she still won' t sleep, rubbing her eyes she cries a lot fighting off her sleep. I even leave her to cry sometimes but that doesn' t hep either. Its after 11pm as im writing now to you and she' s still awake crying. When i told her Paed about this he said its not a problem because she is gaining well, she' s a healthy baby. I am exhausted, i desparately need help. I am alone with a crying baby during the day, can' t get anything done. The only thing that calms her down is when i put her in the baby carrier on my back then she sleeps for 5min and i' m im lucky she' ll sleep for 15min on my back. As soon as i put her down, she wakes up and i have to start all over again, i do this the whole day and get so exhausted by this. I' ve tried so many techniques, read most books, nothing works. Am i doing something wrong? I am at a breaking point.

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There must be a reason why your baby is so resistant to sleeping. Interestingly you mention when she is upright on your back she may fall asleep. It may be that she has a problem with acid reflux. It is certainly worthwhile looking into this possibility. Ask your paediatrician about this. I know that her weight is good but she may still be refluxing enough to cause her discomfort.

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Posted by: Lindie | 2009/01/21

Hi Ladies
Thanks for the replies,much appreciated! Its so consoling to know that im not alone.
I have the sleep sense book and i try not to over stimulate her, try to calm the environment and stick to her awake times with no success. Driving her around used to work while she was younger but now it doesn' t she cries in her seat and doesn' t fall asleep. Taking a long walk with her keeps her from crying but she doesn' t fall asleep. I don' t think there' s anything i haven' t tried yet.
Sorry to hear about the anti depressants, i can just imagine how tough it is for you, i completely understand!
Shelby you must be so frustrated cuz at this age your baby should be sleeping through. Good-luck to you two ladies, hope we all find solutions!

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Posted by: Shelby | 2009/01/21

Hi there,

You are not alone and not doing something wrong. I had the same thing and gave up counting after my son woke 15 times during the night. I decided to not sleep as he woke so many times during the night. This was difficult as I was working full day as well and started hallucinating and forgeting my name.

What helped him to fall asleep was being pushed around in the push chair or in his car chair, being driven around, during the day.

I hope you find a solution soon coz this can be very draining. My son is now 2 and woke 3 times last night.

Good luck!

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Posted by: Same problem! | 2009/01/21

I had the same problem with my little one who is 5,5months! She was a terrible sleeper until she was about 4months old! I had the force her to sleep by rocking her. Even though she cried the whole time. And she never slept (literally like 7 hours in 24hour period). I then read the book " Sleep Sense"  which said that you have to get your baby to sleep every 1,5 hours (at most), no matter what it takes! So make sure that she is only awake for 1,5 hours at a time! I know what you are going through, I am an anti-depressent, because I couldn' t take it! And I' m a strong person who never thought I would go on anti-depressants. I also take half a sleeping pill some nights, because I have trouble sleeping. She is getting better now, but still a bad sleeper. She woke up 8 times last night crying, not being hungry or anything. But now she has better nights where she will sleep until about 3 o' clock. Just want you to know you are not alone!!!

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