Posted by: LA | 2007/12/06


Scarlet Fever

Hi there,

my 3 year old daughter started with a fever last week thursday and then the rash popped out on saturday morning, so i took her to doc and doc said its Scarlet fever, she gave me a antibiotic and ponstal for my daughter, my daughter seems to be doing well now.. but whenever i mention it to people its like their eyes wants to pop out their heads (esp. the older generation), i know it was a very serious sickness back in the day but not really anymore if seen too, so i want to know are there any affects or long term affects with my daughter having scarlet fever...or is people just making too much out of it... my daughters back to her old self her skin is just a bit rough from the rash, but she's fine in my eyes....

whats your take on this doc or any other parents who experienced this...


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Scarlet fever used to be very dangerous condition in the old days before the discovery of Penicillin. Nowadays it is so easy to treat that it is regarded as a relatively minor illness. Provided the condition is treated early there are usually no adverse cosequences at all.

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Posted by: Karin | 2007/12/09

My boy was VERY sick with SF when he was 2yr old. He also had fever, rash, ect. But they could never identify any I'm still wondering if he didn't have Kawasaki disease....He was also treated on Penicillin drip...and had a bad allergic reaction. Recovered after 2 days on antibiotics....But he was still very ill for almost 3-6 months...Very pale and weak....After that he tested positive to 7 of the 8 main food allergins. I think his immune system got a knock. Tipical of SF is that his hands and feet also started peeling, so don't be alarmed if you notice this. After this I still think SF is a very serious ilness....Only my experience. Strenghts X

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Posted by: Belinda | 2007/12/07

No long term affects that I know off. The doc did say if he gets a sore throat again with sore joints we must have it seen to right away. He started with a sore throat on a Thursday - I thought mabye it was just a scratchy cold kind of sore throat and by Friday eve he was very sick with a high temp and an excruting throat. We treated it with myprodol. Our Paed was away on leave. On Sunday am he had the rash and when I phoned emergency they said to bring him in. They diagnosed Scarlet Fever and the doc perscribed Penicillin. Unfortunately he had an allergic reaction to it and we had to find another kind of antibiotic to treat him. He ate nothing for almost a week and got very thin - but after the second dose of the antibiotic he recovered completly. His skin is also still rough where the rash was - I believe it takes quite a while for that to improve.

Kind regards

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Posted by: LA | 2007/12/07

Hi there Belinda,

thanx for the response!

we in Cape Town!

and how is your son doing now?

my daugters just fine, just has some dryness on her skin here and there, so if treated there are no long term affects?


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Posted by: Belinda | 2007/12/06

Hi there

My son also got it about 3-4 weeks ago. It used to be fatal before penicillin. My doc said the reason it is important to treat Scarlet fever is because if untreated it can (but does not always) cause Reumatoid athritis (for life) and heart and kidney problems - these illness can be fatal. My son also got better soon after treatment began. Where do you stay as a matter of interest? We stay in PE


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