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Hi Doc 

Subject to my post and your reply.Please could I ask for some advise?

My baby girl turned 6 months yesterday. Now I''ve never been " SO PARANOID" . But lately, I''m a bit worried. She has always been such an easy baby, she has slept through the night from 6 weeks old.

I mentioned to you about the waking at 3am, and we thought it might be because of the teething, right?

Then a few days ago, she''s come out with this rash all over her body. Not bad though. And I found a bite on the side of her head and yesterday some more on her hands. Now I''m sure it''s still too cold for mosquito''s right? I changed all her bedding last night, sheets, pillows, blankets, etc.

Then she got nappy rash, just red around her bottom. I''ve been treating that by keeping her dry and with fissan paste.

She''s been on solids for about a month, started with some porrige in the morning and I''ve been making home-made baby food at home (gemsquash, butternut, potato, sweet potato) she''ll have 3 " ice-cubes"  at night. She has been eating really well.

She will also have about 5 bottles a day (180ml), she was on Isomil1 but now that she''s 6 months, I''ve changed her to Isomil2.

Last night we went to visit some friends, for about an hour. She got hungry so I gave her a bottle which she drank within 10 minutes and fell asleep. When she woke up I bathed her, and wanted to give her some food before bedtime.

Now normally, she eats, baths, bottle then bed. So last night it was a bit mixed up with the bottle first. When I gave her a taste of the sweet potato (which she''s had before with no problems), a few minutes later, she vomitted up all her milk. I cleaned everything up and then waited some time and gave her another bottle - as she was moaning and crying which I thought she might be hungry. So I gave her another bottle, and she brought that all up too.

I could see she was tired, so I put her down and normally she would go to sleep on her own, but as she was sickly and was vomitting she was not feeling too well. Eventually, I gave her some valoid syrup (2ml) and some rooibos tea and she went off to sleep and slept through. She only went to sleep @ 10pm.

This morning she was awake at 6am drank a full bottle and went straight back to sleep.

I''m not sure what could be wrong, the rash, the bites, the nappy rash, the vomitting, etc.

Any advise please???

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I am also a bit concerned now.This is certainly not the time of the year for mosquito bites. It is also unusual for fleas to bite a baby on the side of her head and the rash does not sound like that caused by flea bites. One kind of bite that could do this is a tick bite. Tick bites can cause a rash,but tick bites are also unusual at this time of year. It is very rare indeed for a baby who is not crawling yet to get bitten by a tick. A strong possibility is a spider bite and this can certainly result in a rash as you describe here. It would be best to take your baby to be seen by a paediatrician even if you have to attend an after hours paediatric clinic.

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