Posted by: Makayla | 2012/07/26


re: hungry baby

Hi doc and Purple

I try to give my little one some pureeed pears in the morning mixed with a bit of cereal and my breastmilk and she doesn''t seem to have an appetite in the morning and is not interested in eating solids. She does eat some gem squash at night tho. The problem is my nanny is saying that she is getting hungry during the day and doesn''t seem full after her milk, I give her expressed milk - 120ml per feed. she seems to be needing more these days. Should i introduce a lunch time solid like butternut? she really seems to be hungry and I don''t have enough milk to leave extra or after i have expressed at work


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Posted by: Purple | 2012/07/27

Expressing between feeds just gets a little milk each time. A pump can''t get out what baby gets out. After twenty minutes your breasts are back to being able to make their max again. If commercial foods work for you then that''s fine. When babies are used to the watery texture they often do reject more textured food. Mix it with less mushy food as time goes on so she will accept more solid than liquid food.

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Posted by: Makayla | 2012/07/27

thanks Piurple, I have tried expressing and then feeding her but I can see that she gets irritated coz there is a little bit of milk left over in the breast that I''ve expressed from....not sure why my body doesn''t seem to make more milk soon, takes about 2 hours for me to get 100ml again.

I gave her some butternut purity today for lunch and she loved it. She only seems to eat purity these days, spits out the home made versions...not sure why? maybe its not smooth enough?

Is this okay for her to eat occasionaly when i''m out?

enjoy your weekend!

Thanks again

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/07/27

If you need to leave more milk than you can express during the day, it can help to express while you are feeding baby inthe morning and evening to add to what you are leaving. Baby can still feed from the breast you have just expressed from if they want to - its not a container that fills and empties, you can feed one side while expressing the other, and if baby wants that other side, pop him on and as your body makes milk while baby is feeding, he will get all the milk he needs even though you have just expressed from that breast.

If possible, you can also express one or two additional times at work for 5 or 10 minutes just to add to what you have.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/07/27

If you get asked for increasing amounts of milk, either baby is having a growth spurt or baby is being forced to finish a bottle or being fed in such a way that the milk just pours out.

If its a growth spurt, baby will want milk more frequently, not more per feed.

Remind nanny that when baby pushes the bottle out with the tongue, she is indicating she has had enough.

read up on paced bottle feeding and bottle feeding the breastfed baby to share informationg with your care giver on how to feed a baby in such a way that they don''t inadvertently take more than they want to.

120ml per feed is quite normal for a feed. They generally take 60-120ml per feed from about a month old until they are well established on solids, when this amount will reduce. (so don''t worry if you find then that you are expressing less milk, your supply has gone down because baby''s demand has gone down).

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/07/27


If she seems hungry after, then yes, give her a bit more solids for lunch time. Some butternut might be nice, or grated apple or mashed banana or a piece to hold.

I always started solids with a lunch time meal. I gave breakfast as the last meal I introduced. No particular reason, i t just kind of worked out that way for us.

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