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Posted by: Peta | 2011/08/29


Penis tip red

hi Dr
ME again...Tay hasnt been drinking well at all for past 3-4 days (maybe 100-200ml max per day) but l have been " topping him up"  via g-tube to between 650-750ml per day.

He pointed to his groin yest and this morning and told me that it is sore but l didnt take too much notice, since his peg is oozing gunk/yellow pus and l thought he meant that. He stays with my mom during the day and just she called to tell me the tip of his penis is now red.

Do you think he has an infection? What should l give him for it - apart from pain meds? Should l take him to the paed for antibiotics?


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I am sorry to hear that you are still having such a difficult time with Tay's health.This does sound like an infection known as phimosis.It would be best to ask your paediatrician to see him.

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Posted by: Kari | 2011/08/31

Peta, I am sorry to hear your son has got problems and has so much surgery in his short life. I hope all is well with him and that everyone has been something to help him long term. Just a warning about WJA, this is a man that trolls these websites and himself is circumcised, but has a real foreskin fetish. He promotes foreskin at any cost including every reason not to when there is a problem. He pushes cortisone cream should NEVER be used on a foreskin. It thins out the skin and the tearing can and will be severe once he is older. If your son has an infection under his foreskin, it needs to be addressed. If it comes back more than once, my pediatrician recommended circumcision. My sons were both circumcised very young. My sister''s son had to undergo circumcision at 4 years of age due to phimosis and a real bad inflammation under his foreskin. He had this recur at least 3 times, before the doctor took him in for an emergency circumcision. Do not let your son go through that issue. Its extremely painful and will leave permanent scars on his glans. Circumcision is a permanent solution and has way more benefits over his life. Good luck!

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Posted by: Peta | 2011/08/30

Thanks l will take him to the paed but am certainly not advocating any more surgery for him unless totally necessary, which at this point l doubt. My son has had 14 operations in less than 3 years, with another scheduled for Fri AM so am not keen to go with any invasive treatment unless told by my paed.

Thanks for the advice all.

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Posted by: WJA | 2011/08/30

What nonsense. Phimosis refers to the inability to retract the distal foreskin over the glans penis. Physiologic phimosis occurs naturally in newborn males. Pathologic phimosis defines an inability to retract the foreskin after it was previously retractible or after puberty, usually secondary to distal scarring of the foreskin.

The normal non-retractile foreskin of childhood must be recognised and left alone. Patients and their parents should be advised not to attempt forcible or premature retraction of the foreskin, and to avoid excessive washing with soap.

Once phimosis is diagnosed, the available treatments include topical corticosteroids, manual stretching, preputial plasty and circumcision as a last resort. Conservative treatments should be tried in the first instance and surgery used as the treatment of last resort.

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Posted by: Deb | 2011/08/30

Peta, I agree with the pediatrician that your son needs his penis looked at. My son had similar issues with phimosis that with his foreskin so narrow, it not only created a UTI, but also created long term bladder problems. His tip was red for a few weeks when one day he just started screaming and he could no longer go pee as his foreskin was clamping his penis completely closed. He ended up with an emergency circumcision due to this issue as the backup of urine (him not being able to empty his bladder caused problems with the valve on the bladder that could not close properly after that for about 2 years. DO NOT ignore or downplay this problem. In the end circumcision was the best thing we could have done. My only regret is not having him circumcised as a newborn. For as much as people fight it, there is so many reasons to have it done then. He is much better off and a much happier little one today. The more I researched circumcision, the more I realized the pros outweigh the cons by a very big margin.

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Posted by: Peta | 2011/08/29

By the way, the peg isnt oozing anything more than usual, not really red etc so l am not too concerned about that, we are used to dealing with that with bactroban etc.

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