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Posted by: Sleepless in JHB | 2008/09/17


Not sleeping/Night terrors/Psychiatrist

Please help me. My baby is 17 months old and still not sleeping through. She goes to bed at about 20:00 and she has one nap during the day. She' s not eating very well - only eats yogurt and drinks her milk and she' ll have the odd sandwich. My concern is her sleeping habits at night. My husband feels that something is not right and he wants us to take her to a " psyciatrist"  (spelling??) to see if there is anything wrong with her. I tried to re-assure him that it is only night terrors or dreams or teething. She' s been a terrible sleeper since day one. We' ve got a second one on the way (6 months pregnant) and we are getting desperate. And we are suffering from sleep deprevation and getting sick alot from not sleeping I think. What can cause her for waking up at least 3 to 4 times a night. She is so restless. I' m giving her iron in the morning, viral choice and melotone syrup to see if that will help - but no luck. Why does she sit up in her own bed at night screaming with her eyes closed and when you try to comfort her she' ll kick and scream. Is there something to be concerned about or give me some advice - my husband and I are on a very short thread. I love my child so much and I want to help her. Please help !!

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Your baby could well be having night terrors which are very common at this age and are a passing phase. You need to go to her and reassure her and then immediately leave her room.A small nightlight in her room will be helpful.You say that she has never been a good sleeper so it is going to be difficult to change her pattern quickly. It would be worthwhile taking her for a check up to make sure that she does not have any ear infection or other problem such as a pesrsistently blocked nose to account for her poor sleeping pattern.

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Posted by: adre | 2009/05/04

My daughter is almost 6 years old. Since baby she used to wake up during the night. These days she fetches me every night at least 4 times to sleep with her. My husband does not believe in a child to sleep in our bed. Therfor I lie with her till she sleeps and then return to my own bed. If I don' t lie down with her during the night, she does not go back to sleep. How can I get her in a better routine. She goes to bed at 20:00 and normally I have to wake her at 6:30. Now she is awake at 4:30!

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Posted by: mams | 2008/09/17

Did you see the post m' s mom posted 2 days ago (parenting forum) about night terrors. Please read it. Maybe you should phone an pharmacist and query about Pegasus Sleep 200, they say it is very safe and all natural and kids cant get addicted to it. Maybe you should try it only till she gets into a routine. Shame man, good luck to you both

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Posted by: Sleepless in JHB | 2008/09/17

But what can it be? Are we doing something wrong as parents - is there something that we are missing? I keep thinking to myself that it is something very simple that we have not tried yet. We are also very tired, and I hate going to bed at night - knowing that I' ll have to get up any minute again.

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Posted by: Lin | 2008/09/17

I have exactly the same problem with my 21 month old baby, when she was 2 months old she started sleeping through until she started teething at five months and since then she hasn' t slept through once, last week she slept an average of two hours per night, I am so tired that I can not concentrate at work and I struggle to keep awake. She also gets sick a lot ( 9 times this year)

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