Posted by: Tired mom | 2008/07/21


Not sleeping!

Hello Doc,

Please could you advise me in this situation. I have a 1 year old baby boy who is quite healthy except the occasional blocked nose (sinus) or allergy. The problem is that he still doenot sleep through the night. He has only EVER slept through 1 night! He wakes up at least 6 times on average for some milk or to be held. He sleeps in bed next to me. This lack of sleep is killimg me! Sometimes i just want to cry! I have tried everything- giving him a bath at night, putting him in bed awake, reading to him, giving him his bottle before bed etc. but NOTHING has worked so far!

I know that he is not waking up from teething pain or a wet nappy. What do i do? Are there any medications out there to aid sleep for babies?

Many Thanks

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To start with do not give your baby any sedatives as this will only aggravate the problem.It seems that your little boy has got used to an audience every night. He is not hungry or in any pain so it seems that most of his problem lies with the fact that he has got used to this cycle of waking up for attention frequently. This is exhausting you.Obviously you make sure that he eats well before bedtime and has his usual bottle. He needs to be in his own bed as well, preferably in his own room because this sleeping next to you is aggravating the attention seeking problem. Once you have read to him and given him his bottle kiss him goodnight and leave the room. If he starts to cry you will need to let him cry for longer and longer periods before going to him. This is not easy to do but you need to be strong and go through the process. Eventually he will get the nmessage and fall asleep by himself and the cycle will gradually be broken.

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Posted by: Rix | 2008/07/23

Try natura rescue remedy tablets or drops - it' s homeopathic remedy and the tablets can be placed under the tongue and dissolves in the mouth. It calmes them and helped my son to sleep through. Good luck.

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Posted by: Tired mom | 2008/07/22

Thank you all so much for your replies and advice. Mari, looks like i have no other option but to take your advice at this stage. Will try it and just praying that it works!< br> < br> Another tired mom: good to know that im not alone :-) Hope that your LO also realises the pleasure of sleep soon too...holding thumbs

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Posted by: Another tired mom | 2008/07/22

Hi Tired Mom
I empathise with you as I am in the same situation. Feel like the living dead every day and have a busy fulltime job. Boy is 21 months old and also wakes up numerous times at night, every night since he was born. I did try sleep training but it didn' t work cos I gave in - I was going insane with him screaming and going beserk. Also have an older child who he was waking up and upsetting.

So I truely hope the sleep training works for you. Let us know how it goes. Good luck!!!

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Posted by: Mari | 2008/07/22

Dear Tired Mom

My advise is very tough to follow - but it does work. You and your partner will need nerves of steel. IT WILL WORK.

You have to follow your routine as you are now, put him in his own room, in his own bed and leave him. Let him scream and cry - no matter how long. Give him lots os love and cuddles in the day and before bed, but be very firm that night is for sleeping. He will go beserk. You will cry and feel like the worlds worst mom. You will doubt everything about this approach - but after 3 nights (sometimes sooner), he will go to sleep, stay asleep and you both will be better off for it.

Word of caution - do not give up halfway. You have to be totally commited to it or dont do it at all.

If you can handle 3 nights of extreme stress (for both of you), it will be a whole new life. It gets harder and harder as they get older - do it now.

Good luck

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