Posted by: luckymom | 2006/07/20


no milk!

My son is 2wks old and we've been having breastfeeding problems since day one. I had inverted nipples and had 2 use a shield,feeding was excruciating 4 the first ten days. Feeding was frustrating,not only was it painful but my baby was always hungry so i gave him formula as well because i thought that he was not getting enough. He has since moved onto rice cereal.

The pain has subsided but i think that my supply has decreased and i have had to go back to university. I really want to breastfeed,how should i go about increasing the supply? I do have a pump at my disposal but the expressing is very slow.

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I know that there will be some members of this panel who will disagree with me, but you really should give up the battle to breast feed your baby. I suggest that you start him on a 'humanised' cow's milk formula such as NAN, SMA or S26.He should not be on rice cereal yet.

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Posted by: PUrple | 2006/07/25

No need to freeze expressed milk you will be using within a few days.

It keeps in a cooler box for 24 hours, in the fridge for almost a week (though I have heard 8 days from some reliable sources) and in the freezer for 6 months.

Yes, if its just too painful to feed, express and give whatever you can by bottle.

Any breastmilk your child gets will benefit it.

Well done! You have done well to try - especially through the pain.

If you intend freezing milk, the tupperware ice containers are great as they have lids so its easier to store the milk in. They take just short of 20ml per block. Express milk, put it in the ice block space and freeze. When your tray is full transfer the milk blocks to a ziplock bag and date it with the date of the day the first block of milk was expressed and frozen.
Don't defrost int he microwave as it destroys nutrients. Either stand it outside the fridge, or run under luke warm water.

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Posted by: FTM | 2006/07/24

Firstly well done in for trying so hard to breastfeed your baby. It's very painful I Know as I also had inverted nipples...I gave up a regret it so much today as my baby is now allergic to cow's milk products... I say give breast milk where possible even if it's just one bottle a day, it is better then nothing. The only way you'll get your supply up is by expressing as much as possible. Every 2 hours if you can and if it is to sore for baby to drink from you freeze your milk and give it in a bottle. You can also ask your doctor for some Eglenol (sp) just to get your supply back because you messed it up now by giving formula and cereal, and on the cereal topic... girl! your baby shouldn't be eating cereal at 2 weeks! Please get yourself a copy of Mary Ann Shearer's book, Healthy Kids The Natuarl Way, it sounds like you could really benefit from reading this book. All the best and stick it out you'll find your rhythm soon.

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Posted by: Purple | 2006/07/21

Good for you. If you need numbers for la leche league or for an IBCLC look up in the directory at the back of Your Pregnancy or Your BAby or Living & Loving - they list by area.

It takes perseverance to breastfeed, especially if you have inverted nipples - but it can be done.

Why not join us on the Breastfeeding peer forum and keep us up to date on how its going.

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Posted by: luckymom | 2006/07/21

I really appreciate all replies and will seriously consider all suggestions. Im really committed to breastfeeding, I want to give my baby the best possible start!!!

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Posted by: Purple | 2006/07/20

Firstly, please stop giving cereal - you should only be starting solids closer to 6 months. You can cause damage to your baby's digestive system giving solids this early.

Shame, I'm sorry to hear you have had such problems. You need some expert help and need to contact the la leche league or an international board certified lactation consultant.

Secondly, pain in breastfeeding is not normal, its a sign that you have a problem. If your nipples crack, it is a latching problem. Inverted nipplies often cause latching problems. The nipple shield doesn't actually help, and results in baby getting less milk - and when baby sucks - this is what creates more milk so it excacerbates the problem. Also, nipple shields can result in blocked ducts and lead to mastitits from the breasts not emptying properly.

Touch your nipple to your baby's cheek and your baby will turn her head to your nipple and open her mouth wide. Put your whole areola (the brown bit around the nipple) into baby's mouth.
Check that her bottom lip is curled down over her chin (otherwise you are in for some serious pain and crakced nipples).

Expressing on its own is not going to increase your milk supply - it will just maintain it at what it is, but it will slowly reduce.

You need to start each feed with a breastfeed, then, swap baby over from breast to breast until you stop hearing the very loud gulping sound of baby drinking milk. Then its time for the other breast again.
Do this over and over and over until there is definitely no more gulping.
Then give expressed breastmilk (EBM) by syringe. (baby's latch onto the bottle differently to the breast and it can worsen your latching problems - particularly in the case of inverted nipples). Use EBM that you have saved from the last time you expressed.

If baby has not had enough, then give formula by syringe.

Straight after each feed, use your pump and express for 3-5 minutes on each breast. Expressing just 20ml across a whole day will increase your supply over a few days.

Demand feeding (and feeding your baby more often) will also help with your suply.

Please contact the la leche league or an international board certified lactation consultant to help you with your latching problems and increasing your milk supply, which has probably dropped due to the bottles.

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