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Posted by: Confused | 2008/10/27


New mom - Feeding is all over the place!


I' m a new mom with an almost-1 month old baby. When I started breast feeding, it worked really well - doing 15 mins per breast - burping, then off to bed.
Now that the fatigue has set in &  he had a growth spurt - the breast milk wasn' t enough &  he cried at the breast, so I' ve started doing formula top-ups.
Sometimes he takes forever to settle after a feed &  I wonder if he' s not getting enough. This being said, he' s put on more than average when I' ve taken him to get weighed - but the feeding keeps changing as my breast milk seems less &  the feeds don' t feel consistent so I don' t know how he' s doing weight-wise from week to week.

My problem is - I never know how much he' s getting (common problem I know). What I do is give about 20 mins time on the breasts (both) - then I give half the recommended formula for his age - so my strategy has been half-breast milk, half-formula for every feed to make sure he gets enough. How do you know when he' s finished with the formula top-up? If I keep putting the teat in his mouth, he' ll drink!
Sometimes when my breasts feel very empty I give the full amount of formula for his age at a feed &  no breast. I think they' re empty because when I squeeze the nipple, hardly anything comes out - but when I express it works better (using the Medela electric).

I' m getting tired as feeds take forever &  increase his awake time to do the bottle &  breast and I also need to factor some stimulation time in that short window. Is it possible to express the milk &  feed him via the bottle only? I feel quite guilty about this as I know that there is wonderful bonding during breastfeeding. Also, is it possible to mix breastmilk &  formula together in one bottle &  how long can you keep it in the fridge and at room temp like that?

I apologise for the very long question &  thank you in advance!

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I know that you have written an excellent account of your problem here, but we have a special breast feeding forum on Health24. You should be able to get the right advice and support there.If it turns out that you are unable to breast feed your baby after really trying so hard, you should not feel at all guilty about changing to one of the formulas.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: lala | 2009/03/12

i have been breastfeeding my son for 16 months. he has never taken a dummy or bottle. he can only relax / fall asleep if he is on the breast. i have slowly dropped all feeds except bedtime but now in the morning before work, which i recently started, he wants to just suckle for 10 minutes. he whines and cries until i allow this. once on the breast he kneeds, pinches, pulls and basically soothes himself on my chest, arms, stomach and it is just becoming too much.

at night after i put him down and leave the room he sits up and cries, gets off the bed and walks to me. he then cries until i give him breast again. then when i think he is asleep and leave the room he starts all over again with crying and whining.

it can take three hours to get him to sleep.

when i get home from work i make sure i spend a full hour just with him doing what he wants to do. i really try and see that he is not coping with my leaving every day but i am now exhausted from this nightly and morning routine.

last night i smacked him really hard. i feel awful. i let my impatience and anger hurt him.

please tell me how to get him off the breast without making him feel that i am excluding him even more.

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