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Posted by: Jana | 2012/04/02


Nanny gives 10 month old medicyne

Dear Prof, me and my husband are very worried! Our nanny informed me last week that she had given my 10th month old baby girl Neurofan (2.5ml) because she was fussing and crying a lot during the day! I was extremely upset because the nanny did not phone me to ask whether she could do this! I''m sure that it would not cause great harm if this was the only occation but how will I know if it happens again?? I have given clear instructions that she is not to give her any medicyne without consulting with me first! I don''t even give any medicyne even though she might be difficult in the evenings due to teething! What do we do? Do I mark the bottles of medicyne? Surely I can''t bring everything to work because what if something happens during the day and the in facts needs to give our baby something? How do I know whether she is giving medicyne without my permission? Any symptomes to look out for??

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All you need to do is to inform your baby's nanny that she should not give your baby any medicines at all without your permission. Make sure that there are no medicines in your home which could be given while you are not there.

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Posted by: Tina | 2012/04/10

Don''t over react so much. The nanny probably felt really sorry for your little one if she was struggling with teething and thought she was helping her.

No need to be harsh with her. Sit down with her and have a nice chat with her. Make her aware of the harms of giving baby meds. She should contact you immediately, if she feels something is wrong. And you can''t go firing everyone just because they have done something wrong. In Purples case of firing the nanny for giving the baby formula. This was so unnecessary. really now. The nannies often believe that formula keeps baby fuller and has all the right things for baby.

Nannies, are human beings too and do make mistakes. Unless, you are paying for a university educated nanny, with childcare qualifications, then there should be no room for mistakes and improvements. Go ahead and fire away.

The only medication you should leave with the nanny is Calpol or Panado. Teach your nanny how to use the thermometer and how and when to administer the meds. Have you discussed ways to soothe your baby when she is fussy, with the nanny? Have you told her how to calm your child down, soothe the baby, etc. Maybe show her your tried and trusted techniques. You may be a first time parent, but by this stage you have enough experience.

I have 4 kids.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/04/05

I know how scared and frustrated you feel. Probably best to have a serious talk to your nanny. If needs be, replace her with someone more suited to your family and your children''s needs.

if your nanny is not following your instructions, so long as you dismiss her following the correct procedures, you can dismiss her for that.

If she is not coping, then she is not performing up to the standard required and after assisting her to learn how you want things done, if she still can''t cope, you can also hold a disciplinary hearing and dismiss her for that.

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Posted by: Racoon | 2012/04/04

That is one of the reasons I preferred to place my 3 boys in a small creche - more control and routine, thus safer in my opinion. If the nanny has an ''off'' day, there is no way she can take a time-out from you child. At a creche they can take a break or swop to another duty for a few hours. Mostly, these things happen not because the baby/child is fussy but because the nanny can''t cope - they are people just like us who some days have no patience. I would install a nanny-cam if I were you.

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Posted by: Jana | 2012/04/04

Thank you Puple, you are correct, eventhough we are 1st time parents, this is not on in my opinion. We read to many things of nannies and even creche''s who give babies/ children medicine without the parents'' permission! And it does concerm me as you say, what else is she doing that I do not know off?? When we are at home our baby only sleeps 1 hour in the moring (at most 1 1/2 hours) and the same in the afternoon. However when I ask the nanny according to her our baby sleeps for 2 1/2 hours (sometimes close to 3 hours) in the morning and almost 2 hours in the afternoon! This just does not add up and in the light of what happened with the medicine giving, of cause this raises other questions and concerns! We might be paranoid, rather save than sorry!!

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/04/04

Although it might not have caused any harm and only happened once, this is a serious problem because she is not obeying your instructions.

I would suggest you sit her down and point out to her that her job is as a child carer, and it requires that she follows your instructions exactly - not just does what she thinks. I had to dismiss a temp nanny for not following instructions - she gave my baby formula (which I keep for emergencies) instead of breast milk. Despite my very clear instructions - she thought she knew better than me.

Point out to her that you aren''t going to take any action this time, but that if she ever does this again, that you will be holding a disciplinary hearing and that she could lose her job over this.

After you meet wtih her, give her a letter stating very clearly in bullett point form what you have discussed.

Either don''t keep medicines in the house, or keep them in a locked container that she has no access to.

I have calpol in the cupboard and our current nanny knows that if the children have a temperature she must phone me and I will come home, but that if temp is high, she must write down what it is, give the measured dose of calpol and sponge my children down.

If baby is excesively fussy, she should phone you about it - not give medicine - and especially not something strong like nurofen.

I am always concerned about an employee who willfully doesn''t follow instructions. You wonder what else they are doing and not doing while you are away.

You are not a first time parent over reacting - you have seen a clue to this persons character that concerns you about the way that your child is being looked after in your absence. I would have reacted just like you.

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Posted by: C01 | 2012/04/02

Jana, I think you are overreacting just a tad here. I take it you are 1st time parents.
I agree that she was wrong not to check with you first but as you said yourself -it caused no great harm.
Surely if you trust her to look after your baby one would think that she has enough common sense to be able to judge when and when not meds would be required. The whole marking of meds is totally ridiculous(sp) in my opinion. You have clearly explained to her what to do in future.
The only thing you would probably notice if there was any overdosing going on would most probably be a change in baby''s sleeping pattern (in other words, being up for most of the night due to sleeping),listless,not wanting to go to nanny, etc.

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