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NAN HA2 / Probiotics / Cows Milk Protien Allergy / Soy

Dear Dr
Thank you for your valuable advice in the past. Hope you can advise on the following:

My lb is 6 mnths old and was diagnosed with cows milk protein allergy at 3mnths. We changed to NAN HA1 and he was much happier. We have also been giving him Reuteri Probiotic drops every evening since 3 mnths and it makes a big difference to his sleep and windyness/gasiness.

At 6 mnths we changed to NAN HA2 (which he seems to enjoy) and started on Purity stage 1 rice cereal which contains soy but no milk.

The first 2 days he loved the cereal and ate 25 spoons twice a day but from day 3 started rejecting it and when he did have some he vomited it up within a few minutes. His sleep became very disrupted, he became very gassy and miserable and developed a red rash around his mouth - all the same symptoms as the onset of his cows milk protein allergy. (I have read that 50% of babies with cows milk protein allergy are also sensitive / allergic to soy so assume this is the problem).

We have since taken him off the cereal and we are giving him a week or so to settle before trying Olle organic brown rice cereal which only contains brown rice so hopefully no reaction this time.

He has settled down nicely but his stools are still yellow, thick and pasty where as on the NAN HA1 his stools were dark green and had much more texture. Also, he is pooing more often - 3 times a day as opposed to 1 time and occasionally 2 times a day before.

He is also still quite gassy and although he is sleeping better, he is still not sleeping as well as before - could be he is hungry though because he is well over 8kg.

My questions are:

1. Are his stools a cause for concern?
2. Do you think he could be reacting to the NAN HA2 in any way?
3. NAN HA2 has probiotics - do you think the probiotics in the NAN HA2 plus the Reuteri is too much? (does heating the formula in the microwave kill the probiotics in the formula?)
4. If he continues to have a problem on NAN HA2 can we put him back on NAN HA1 and leave him on that or does he have to go to a stage 2 formula?

Thank you for your help.

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Your baby is highly allergic. Your diagnosis of your baby's oral allergy syndrome symptoms being due to the soya in the rice cereal seems to be an excellent one.Your baby's stools as such are not a cause for concern but he seems to be excessively windy and a bit uncomfortable on the NAN HA2.Reduce the amount of probiotics he is on by stopping the Reuteri. As you are not boiling the formula in the microwave the probiotic in the formula will not be destroyed.Your baby is a good weight so he is doing well in general.He should be on a stage 2 formula from 6 months.

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Posted by: FANCY | 2009/09/17

Dear Dr

My son is 1yr old, is has been drinking NAN HA since 3 months. i want to ask what formula to take cause he is 1. i didnt see NAN HA 3 i tried him with NIDO but his stools are hard?

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Posted by: Dee | 2009/08/25

Hi Ladies

Start a new posts with ur questions, Paed doesn' t go back to answered/prevs posts

Start a new one with the same subject

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Posted by: PRUDENCE | 2009/08/24

Dear Doctor

My babe is 18mths now and since birth she is suffering from rushes.I took her to paedtrician who prescribed advantan for her,i' m bathing with pure aqueous cream up to today the rushes comes and goes.The worse is the rushes on her bum which is getting worse i have consulted few paedtricians and G' P' s and they would prescribe various cream which will work for a week then the rush will start again.I was breastfeeding her until now and was giving her formula milk (Lactogen) also.My friend suggested that maybe i should consider giving her ISOMIL do you think it will help? I don' t know what to do anymore and her situation is frustrating.

Posted by: tlee | 2009/08/24


I just noticed that NAN HA2 contains Soy Leitchin (sp?) and NAN HA1 does not - I suspect this is what he is reacting to as it was in the cereal as well.

Any suggestions on a HA no. 2 formula without Soy? Or can we stick to NAN HA 1?

Thank you!

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