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Posted by: Samantha | 2012/03/26


My baby does not sleep through


My Baby is 6 months old. But still wakes up between 10-12 times at night. He is on S-26 Number 2. He only drinks twice during the night. The rest of the time he wakes up and cries untill you give him his dummy and then he goes back to sleep. What can we do. Me and my husband are very tired and can not go on like this. We have tried everything from oils in his bath to drops on his pillow and even things to calm him given by our doctor. But nothing seems to help. What can we do to help our child. He is very tired during the day because he does not sleep well at night but then still find it hard to sleep during the day.

Please, please, please help.

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It seems that your baby could be hungry at night. I presume that he is eating solids already as he is 6 months old.Try a formula called Novalac SD as his last feed before your baby's bedtime in the evening.This is the 'sweet dreams' formula and it should suit your baby at night.

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Posted by: sj | 2012/03/27

I wish!! Jana you are lucky. My little one is turning 2 next month and i still have her waking up 3-4 times a night for a bottle. I am bushed. If i dont give it to her she will cry until she gets it. It is more to hold on to that drink. I have tried the controlled crying method but she is way too hard headed for her size. Eventually i couldnt take it anymore. I know its wrong giving into her night needs but i dont have the energy to fight at the moment. I take what ever sleep i can get!!!! I work full time have been since she was 1 month old. and the lady that watches her during the day says that she refuses to go down durning the day and if she does its for 15min max. If anyone has some help or advice i will gladly try it. I know though that i will have to work up the guts to take away the night bottle and that will prob make the worlds diff.

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Posted by: Jana | 2012/03/26

Our baby did the same at 9 months. The Paed advised us to start with controlled crying. Sounds harsh but it was really no battle at all!! The 1st night she woke and cried, we left her for 5 minutes and then went to put in the dummy, the 2nd time she cried we waited for 6 minutes, before the 6 minutes was over she was asleep, on her own!! By the 3rd night we did this she was sleeping through! It''s been 4 weeks and she is " sleeping like a baby" , she does wake up once (very seldom twice) during the night, then we leave her for a couple of minutes, most of the time she fallls asleep on her own otherwise we just put in the dummy, turn her around and leave the room! It works, trust me, we were very sceptical to do this but we had no choice, both of us were brain dead from not sleeping!!

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Posted by: Annie | 2012/03/26

Has it always been like this?

The reason I ask is that we have resently moved and after the move my baby started to wake 5 and more times a night - for 3 whole weeks it felt as if I never slept...

Then I started to put her in bed earlier (when she is not over tired)  I bought " block out lining"  for her curtains from volpes to make her room darker and I started not jumping up first time she cries. Sometimes she falls asleep by herself in 1minute.

She now only calls for me once in a night. But I do hear her 1 or 2 other times, but just like 1 little moan - I dont even know if shes awake or dreaming.... I dont get up to look cause sometimes I just wake her up!

Good luck.

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