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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/06/12


Mommy going insane: Please Help!!

Goodday Dr,
I would like to know!! My child is 13monhts, and I’ m still breastfeeding her! Her daily routine the last month or so is as follows:
She wakes up around 8am in the morning  she then sleeps only once a day, around about 10am or 11am, than that’ s it for the day! Then at 6pm she gets her dinner and at 6.30pm her bath. Around about 7.30pm I’ ll give her, her breast milk and then shell sleep for about 2 hours, then she will wake up around about 10pm, still hungry, then another breastfeeding session, she’ ll go back to sleep for another 4hours and wakes up again and the feeding continuous and just before I’ m going insane she wakes up again 4pm! I’ m going crazy!! Please help me figure out how to get my child of the breast and sleeping through the night. Sometimes she’ ll sleep between my husband and me!! She drinks during the day her cup and eats her breakfast/lunch and dinner very well and I don’ t give her breast milk during the day! For the last week or so I gave her “ tandestroop”  for teething and just so that she could sleep better, because I don’ t know if she’ s teething or just naughty! But now when I don’ t give her the “ tandestroop”  she don’ t sleep at all, even when she’ s dead tired, she doenst sleep!!!
But my PROBLEMS begin when it’ s getting dark!! PLEASE HELP!! Thank you in advance for your urgent response!
When can I start potty training my child?

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You don't need to try to potty train your 13 month old baby. She seems to be one of those babies who is active at night and sleeps during the day. This is a very difficult cycle to reverse once established.In addition you are allowing her to sleep in your bed which will be a difficult habit to break.Are you certain that she is eating enough during the day?A lot of her waking seems to be due to 2 possible causes only and that is habit and possibly hunger.If you are sure that she is not hungry you could consider weaning her off the breast now and changing over to a satisfying milk such as Nido or Parmalat First Growth milk. After she has had her bedtime feed in the evening the only solution beyond that time for your night problems is to try the controlled crying technique. This is not a simple process and is hard on the nerves but will have the desired effect if you are determined.Read more about controlled crying on this forum and on Google.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/06/12

I have found out if you give a child too much of something it could have the opposite effect eg Panadoes could calm a baby and make them sleep, too much can keep them up. So just be sure you not giving excess of certain stuff. Teething is another issue as trust me I have had 4 sleepless nights so far and my son is almost 10 months.
There could be various reasons, she is till hungry, teething, blocked nose, reflux......etc etc etc. I weaned my son off the early morning feed when I switched from exlusive breast feeding to exclusive fromula feeding, that was at 6 months. I introduced water. I still have a bottle of bottle next to my bed and should he wake up I would give him some, in the beginning he hated it and slept through, but now with the teething, he wakes up, I suppose I just have to go with the flow, he has to go through this.
Another issue could be ear infections which is normally coupled with teething, I plan on monitoring a little longer, otherwise I will be taking him soon to see a doc about his never knows.
Maybe she just needs a thorough check will also ease your worry and hopefully stop you from going insane.

Oh and remember you not

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Posted by: Purple | 2009/06/12

Remember that breastfeeding is not just about the milk, it' s benefits stretch to comfort and security too. her night waking etc is more likely to be for comfort and security. Children from about a year old until about two and a half are extremely clingy. It is less noticeable in children breastfed through this time, as they are usually OK with you leaving hte room or going to the toilet without them on your lap every time, because they get such security and comfort from the breastfeeding.

Don' t believe people who tell you there is no benefit to extended breastfeeding - there definitely is - the longer your breastfeed for, the more benefits there are for you and for your baby. Have a look at the site kellymom d o t c o m for some fantastic information on this (all evidence based).

I weaned my son at two and a half, and this is how I went about it (I tried at 12 months but it was nearly impossible as it increased his clinginess and night waking).
Firstly I set rules that we could only breastfeed when at home and not when out in public.
Once that was established I waited a week or two and then moved on to phase 2, which was never to offer the breast and only give it when asked.
After settled with that, when I was asked for breast I would offer an ice lolly or a cup of fruit juice that I hadn' t watered down (he' s 5 now and he still gets water and watered down fruit juice to drink so that was a special treat).
Then I waited about 3 weeks before working on the night feeds. That was really hard, I explained to him that my breasts had run out of milk (a lie) and that I couldn' t give him any at night any more. For nearly a week we were up pretty much the whole night through as I rocked him and reassured him that I loved him and stroked his forehead, then he just sort of accepted it and things were fine. The night waking didn' t stop but the request for breast did.
Then we worked on the morning and evenings feeds and stopped them in the same way as the night feeds.

Even now at 5 he talks about how sad it made him to stop breast feeding. I just give him a hug and change the subject.

Once you have decided you want to embark on the process of weaning and you start it, you can' t go back otherwise it is very confusing for your child, so if you cave in, then you have to stop trying to wean, wait a few months and then try again.

The more slowly and gently you do it, the easier it is on you both emotionally, and physically on you as you won' t suffer engorgement or any discomfort.

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