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a few questions:

1. What are the complications due to measles/mumps or rubella should a child contract this (a child who is not yet vaccinated against this?)
2. Can a child still contract any of the 3 even after being vaccinated and if so will it be as severe as if the child was never vaccinated or will it be milder?
3. I live in PTA Sa do clinics offer the vaccine in 3 separate doses here in SA? if so what is your opinion on having it as separate jabs and if you agree with this then how long in between should one wait or is the all in one MMR a better option?
4. My 14 month old has eczema from birth and hay fever and both husband and mother have various enviro and food allergies, is it true that the MMR will possibly make allergies worse?

Just looking for an honest opinion, have any other parents experienced problems with the MMR out there?

5. Lastly if I wait for 18 months instead of doing the MMR at 15 months what does this mean for the next vaccine due at 18 months? does this mean i can opt to wait until 21 months to give her the 18 month one?

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Vaccination provides complete protection agianst these diseases in most cases, but some children may develop greatly ameliorated disease. Measles is the one of the three diseases, which may cause the most severe disease, sometimes with a fatal outcome or other sever complications, in unvaccinated children. The combined MMR vaccine is safe and effective and definitely should not increase the allergy problems. I cannot see why you want to postphone it until later, because it will implies that she will only be protected from a later age and the chance of complications do not decrease as they get older.

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Posted by: dr anonymous | 2004/11/12

1. Complications of Measles, mumps & rubella:
Measles: If immunity healthy then very little likely hood of complications. These include: Pneumonia, Middle ear infections, & other bacterial infections.
Acute bleeding tendency due to drop in platelets.
Encephalitis.)inflammation of brain matter.
Very rare: Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis. (mental deterioration, seizures & is fatal)

Rubella: As above but quite rare. And Progressive rubella panencephalitis (Neurological disorder in babies born with rubella and probably re-infected).

Infalmamtion of salivary glands.

Partic. in post pubertal patients: Orchitis (inflammtion of the testes in males, of the ovaries rare) & can lead to infertility.

Meninigoencephalitis (inflammation of brain & its meninges).

Pancreatitis (this usually resolves by itself).

Other minor glands of body may also be affected.

2. There is no documentation wheather one vaccine gives lifelong immunisation. However, Measles is said to have long immunity, mumps is not known if re-immunisation dhould be done.

3.In the national policy, mumps & rubella are not compulsory. However many of us feel that the all-inone MMR is the best option.

4. I have not come across any studies done to see if allergies are exacerbated.

5. You can give MMR AT 18mo and also the Poli & DTP (the usual 18mo) because your child has already received the first measles vacc at 9mo. No you must not postpone it.

Hope this was helpful.

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Posted by: Cheryl | 2004/11/05

Purple, your intelligence is astounding! You really have all the answers to mom's questions, don't you? This site is meant for the doc/paed's specialist advice and other moms help and support, not uninformed opinions from people who assume they know all. Perhaps you should let the paed reply from time to time. I didn't realise this is a spelling contest. P.S. You spelt "there" incorrectly.

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Posted by: Purple | 2004/11/05

You've spelt "chicken" incorrectly.

My note was meant to reassure, not scare.

It is always advisable to vaccinate, and yes, in almost all cases vaccination will ensure that the child doesn't get the illness, however, as so many mothers aren't vaccinating, we don't have herd immunity anymore, so children are starting to get these illnesses again, but if the child has been vaccinated, the illness is usually very mild.

Bibs asked what the complications of the diseases could be (if a child was not vaccinated), and I provided details of what I have found in my reading up. These complications are scary, so it is advisable to vaccinate so that your child does not get the illness.

i'm not trying to scare people into vaccinating. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence vaccinates their children.

I'm sure the paediatrician will answer soon, and I'm sure there are many of us mothers eagerly awaiting his response. If you don't agree with someone's posting, thats your right, but is ther any need to attack people who post a response about what they feel, what's worked for them in the past, or what hasn't worked for them?

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Posted by: Cheryl | 2004/11/05

P.S. Check posting No 2505 - Trimoval (MMR Vaccine)

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Posted by: Cheryl | 2004/11/05

P.S. Check posting No 2505 - Trimovax (MMR Vaccine)

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Posted by: Cheryl | 2004/11/05

Perhaps you guys should get your facts in order before making other mothers worried. I researched the Chickin Pox vaccine as well as the MMR and was assured that if the child is vaccinated at the correct times they will not contract the illnesses. I do agree, however, that there will be side effects if a pregnant mom contracts german measles.

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Posted by: joanne e. | 2004/11/04

i agree with purple. the reason there has been a panic about the autism link is that is the time that autism presents itself, at that age - babies have shown the autism symptoms at that age even without the jab.
They can get chicken pox etc even with vac but it will not be so severe. The others - not likely.
I have never had any of those but had the vaccs and was tested for rubella (german measels) when preg and thanks to vacc I had immunity. My friend is deaf as mom had it in 3rd trimester.

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Posted by: Purple | 2004/11/04

Sorry, just wanted to add some more on the complications of the illnesses.

Measles - babies can go blind, can get meningitis and die.
Rubella (German Measles) - if passed on to a pregnant woman, her baby can suffer terrible complications.
A child can go deaf.
Mumps - can result in the child becoming infertile if contracts mumps during puberty. Can also lead to meningitis which can be fatal.

As not everyone vaccinates and provides a herd immunity, there is still a chance of children who have been vaccinated getting these diseases, however, they will get them much, much less severely. If there is a herd immunity, then chances are very slim that any children will get these diseases.

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Posted by: Purple | 2004/11/04

I'm another mother, but have read up extensively on the MMR vaccine, eventhough my child is not due for it for another 6 months. Also, I can't answer all your questions.

Firstly, the Lancet has refuted claims that the MMR vaccine is in any way related to Autism. The initial study that claimed this was flawed (did not adhere to proper research principles). So don't worry about this. Also bear in mind that what appared on Carte Blanche was a little bit misleading. Do you trust someone who endorses hair products proven not to work as an investigative journalist? I've also heard that this same person is involved with the autism society, so don't think his views are entirely impartial on the matter.

There is no point to spreading the injections out over a number of months, all this does is mean that your child has to be injected more often. I am going to go for the all in one jab.

Thats just my personal opinion as another mother.

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