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Posted by: Nono | 2007/02/22


Milk & Solids

I am about to start my baby on solids, she'll be 6 months soon. But I don't know how the milk is supposed to go. Until now all I had to do was increase the milk if she needed more. Now I don't know which I'll increase if she still seems hungry. Do I keep teh milk at what she's taking now and give her more & more cereal as she gets used to it and as she needs? Or is there a guide of how much solids maximum, then increase milk if she needs more?

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Posted by: Purple | 2007/02/26

Until the first year, milk is your baby's primary source of nutrition with the solids just adding to this from 6 months onwards.

As your baby gets closer to a year, solids become increasingly important.

This means that when you start on soilds, you feed baby milk before you give any solids. then you feed solids only while your baby happily opens her mouth up like a little bird to get them, and stop when she turns her head away indicating she has had enough. Then you give a few sips of cooled boiled water from a normal plastic cup.
This way, baby always gets the right amount of milk and solids.
Once baby is eating a substantial amount of food at the one meal, then you can introduce an evening meal as well. This will be after a week or two or even three on solids. Then when baby has a fair amount at both feeds, you introduce a third meal - this again will take a few weeks. From around eight or nine months there will be a need for a snack type meal too, and another few weeks later a second snack. By the time baby is 1, she will be having three meals and two snacks a day and will be relying less and less on milk - though most kids still drink milk till two or even later. From one you must start giving cows milk too.
Remember also that at a year, your baby is growing more slowly so she will start to eat less food at each meal (though she still needs lots of small meals a day) - many moms think baby is suddenly becoming a fussy eater - she isn't she just needs less food.

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Posted by: Heidi | 2007/02/22

Hi Nono
We started our daughter on solids at 5½months. We started with rice cereal, once a day, in the evenings. Don't wait until they are starving, rather try midway between her normal feeds. Think in the beginning its more for them to gets used to the texture and new taste. First time we gave her rice cereal, she only ate a teaspoon. They won't go mad for it. Slowly but surely she ate a bit more and more. We gave her rice cereal for a month and then introduced the other cereals. We kept her milk intake the same because she was getting more active as well. At the same time we introduced purity first foods, the fruit and veggies. She loved the apple and pear and the prune is very good when your little one is a bit constipated (I thought she wouldn't eat it but she loved it ). The butternut and sweet potato is also great. In the beginning they only eat a bit and not the whole jar. From there on we just fed her as her demand grew. They will show you when they want more. They say that babies between 7 -12 months should get 500-600ml milk a day in addition to the food they get. Just remember that a lot of people start their babies on solids at 4 months, so when you start later, your baby will be "behind" on solids, so we didn't cut down her milk intake immediately at 7 months, we only started at 9 months. She is now 10 months old, gets 500-600ml formula milk a day, cereal in the morning, fruit for lunch, and then meat and veggies for dinner with snack inbetween ( cheese, rice cakes, biltong for the teething, etc ), she also gets 150ml boiled water 150ml rooibos a day. I am sorry this is such a mouthful, but hope it helps a bit.

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