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Posted by: Daisy | 2008/09/26



Dear Dr,

Thank you so much for your reply on my previous post. (980 - strange behaviour). I am now a bit worried, and would like to ask only a few more questions before I rush off to the Paediatrician hysterically.

My baby (8months) also suffered from reflux which is now under control with medication. She met all her milestones up to the 6m checkup, sat independantly by 5.5m, but she just does not seem interested in rolling over or lying on her stomach. Because of the reflux she is always elevated when put down. She can pull herself up from lying elevated to sitting, but not from lying flat. The paed advised that she be put on her tummy at regular intervals for 5 minutes to get her to start rolling over and eventually crawling, but she screams from the second she' s put down. When she sits and reaches for a toy, she now starts to get herself lying on her tummy while reaching, but as soon as she does, she cries. I' m not sure if I should just let her be or worry.

Her stools are also a bit strange - only to me. She has anything between 2 &  5 dirty nappies a day, always starting at a hard / firm ' ball'  until the last one for the day is soft and full. Not sure if this is constipation / normal / strange. She suffers from colic and gas since forever, and is often pushing very hard with only a lot of gas passing. The paed previously said it' s due to the reflux which causes something like " peristalsis"  or something - really can' t remember.

Other than this and pulling her tops off constantly - which is not too tight or too hot or scratching, she seems to be developing fine. She makes ba-ba sounds, imitates everything I do, responds to her name and to No... She seems to be perfectly fine - to me. Oh, and as soon as her feet touches any surface she immediatly jumps?

I' m sorry for all the questions, but I seem to have turned into an over protective, constantly stressed out about my little angel, pain in the behind first time mom  -)

Thanks so much for your time and help!

Expert's Reply



So many questions here it is difficult to sort out which is the chicken and which is the egg.Your baby seems to have ongoing reflux from this new description. She probably has stomach acid causing her intense discomfort when she is placed in certain positions especially on her tummy.She needs to be adequately treated for her reflux and at the very least should be on an acid reducer such as Losec or Nexiam plus,this is vey important, a medicine such as Motilium to stop the actual reflux.
Then she should not be so windy and colicky at her age and has rather frequent stools for an 8 month old baby. She probably has a milk or lactose intolerance. Try her on a lactose free formula such as NAN LF and see if she improves.
Many babies skip the rolling over milestone and as your baby sat so early there is no need for concern.
Your baby also shows another very common characteristic which is heat intolerance. Keep her in loose fitting baby clothes made of natural fibres and cover her only lightly when she sleeps.

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