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Posted by: flower | 2009/07/06


is this normal

Hi Doc

My son is 9 and a half months old. He is on nan lactose free milk as he has an intollerance. He suffered from constipation from birth and we control this with the use of movical. My son is still teething and has no teeth yet, but it bothers him a lot. My son has now learnt to crawl only 2 feet forward and the rest is backwards.

My son eats well during the day, big bowl of porridge, fresh fruit veggies, purity and has his last meal at about 5pm. My son does not drink milk very well during the day as he eats a lot but does drink his juice mixed with tea. My son goes to bed at 7pm with a full bottle of milk 210ml which he will finish. he then wakes up at about 12pm for more milk (roughly 50ml) and his winds bother him a lot at this stage so i have to give him benetts colic mixture. At about 3:30am or 4am its again a little bit of milk (80ml) and more benetts colic mixture. Then he will sleep until 5:30 am when it is wake up time. Now my question is, is the above routine ok.

My son' s teething is so bad that nothing works, eventually i used a mixture that the pharmacy made called die tande mengsel, but later found out that it has coidene and stoped it immediately. Then i went to the pharmacy as my son has two problems waking him up 7-9 times at night and that is winds and teeth. So they gave me a herbel tablets called pegisus sleep 200C. If i give this to him before he goes to sleep then he sleeps well and only wakes up twice at night, as stated above, but can i keep giving this. Why does my son not sleep through.

The pegisus sleep worked well for a week or so but now my son is i almost want to call it sleep crawling. He started this on saturday night, he wakes up in the middle of the night and crawls all over the cot.

Why is my son so restless at night. I dont mind getting up twice a night as it is very little effect and he goes to sleep quick, but that is only if i use the pegisus sleep, without that he just does not go into a deep sleep.

During the day he has a 20 min nap on the way to his day mom which is granny and then during the day 2 naps of 1 hour each.

I get the feeling my son cannot switch off at night.

So my problems are as follows
Crawling in his sleep?
Milk consumption only at night?
sleep but only with pegisus sleep?

should this be ok at 9 and a half months.

should i have any concerns.

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There is much to be concerned about here.You unfortunately do not have a clear diagnosis of your son's problem. He may certainly be teething and that may cause some of his restlessness but he seems to have a severe lactose intolerance which is making him windy.He does not do well on the NAN LF which is causing him to be constipated and he is still windy and has colic. I suggest that you change him to a soya formula such as Isomil2. Do not give him any colic medicines or any sedatives at night. If his teeth are worrying him give him a litttle Panado for infants.

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