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Posted by: Val | 2011/07/14


Infant Circumcission

Sho, so yesterday me and hubby were doing a birth plan and he wanted to me to include that our son be circumcised after birth and I refused as I have read some articles on infact circumcision and I honestly wouldn''''t want to put my baby through that kinda of a pain I mean above is just some quotes i extracted from one of the articles:

Some mothers and nurses who contacted the Circumcision Resource Center also noted behavior changes. Sally Hughes, an obstetrical nurse who has seen many circumcised infants before they go home, reported,

When you lay them on their stomachs they scream. When their diaper is wet they scream. Normally, they don’  t scream if their diaper is wet. Baby boys who are not circumcised do not scream like that. The circumcised babies are more irritable, and they nurse poorly.

Mothers reported that their infants changed temperament after the circumcision, cried for extended periods at home, and seemed inconsolable.

Researchers at Children’  s Hospital in Boston noted changes in sleep patterns, activity level, irritability, and mother-infant interaction. They concluded,

The persistence of specific behavioral changes after circumcision in neonates implies the presence of memory. In the short term, these behavioral changes may disrupt the adaptation of newborn infants to their postnatal environment, the development of parent-infant bonding, and feeding schedules

Al says he feels am deniying him the rights to have a say on his sons life, but am not willing to put my child through that at such a young age, I mean he can always get circumcised at a later stage which am sure won''''t hurt as much. Am i being unreasonable and unfair to his dad?

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You are correct, there is no need to rush things and circumcise your baby at birth.The operation is a relatively minor one if it is required.There was an excellent review of circumcision from a US paediatric urologist fairly recently on this site, so have a look at back questions and see if you can locate it. This will really help to calm your fears and concerns.

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Posted by: Val | 2011/07/20

Thanks Anon, we actually put down some questions already but will be adding those ones also, thank you very much. He is due late Sep, but i''ll keep you guys updated, again thank you very much, your help is highly appreciated

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Posted by: CK | 2011/07/20

Anon, nice answering for me.... Val, he does bring up some additional good points. Let us know how everything goes and all the best with the upcoming birth of your son.

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Posted by: Anon | 2011/07/20

Val, good luck and congratulations with the upcoming birth of your son. You are doing him the biggest favour of his life. Be sure you question the doctor who will be performing the circumcision. What method he will be using, how often he does circumcisions (the more the better) and what issues (if any) he has seen with newborn circumcision. DO NOT let any doctor talk you out of it for the wrong reasons as some may. If they suggest you wait, then ask them how many young boys have died from having circumcisions in the bush this year so far (its over 20) in the Eastern Cape alone compared to how many have had issues as newborns. I would stand my ground if I were you.

I just wanted to make sure that you got some firsthand information to help you make a decision on circumcision. There is so much false information or misinformation posted out there when it comes to circumcision. ANY website that is pro foreskin and support thereof, is lacking all the medical benefits and anything positive related to circumcision which means it very unbalanced. Glad to be able to help!

Wishing you all the best and let us know how it went. Best place to post is under sexologist section a location named circumcision discussion. Looking forward to hearing that all went well for you, your son and dad.

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Posted by: val | 2011/07/18

Wow, I gas I was so misinformed, Thank you guys so much for inlightining me, all that I want is the best for my son, so is his dad and like you CK my hubby was only circumcissed as a young adult, so I gas he doesn''t want his son to go through what he went through and I gas I have been really unfair not only because I was misinformed about the topic but I because I thought I was doing whats best for him, I thought I was sparing him all that pain but hearing it from people who have experienced it really helped me to understand better, thats why I''ve agree to circumcise my boy after birth, we have put it on my birth plan already.

Thank you guys very much for your insight especially you CK, its highly appreciated.

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Posted by: Nella | 2011/07/18

Val, circumcision was the greatest gift I gave my son as a newborn, per his own statement based on what he learned at school about it. 19 years later, my husband and I both would make the same decision again. My husband was not circumcised as an infant but as an adult just like Anon above due to foreskin problems. Our sex life was abysmal to say the least till after his circumcision. Since then, I can only say I experienced things and variety I could only have dreamed about or read about. I lived it. Have your son circumcised as a newborn. The reality is nothing like the web page you stated above.

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Posted by: CK | 2011/07/18

Val, you happened to read what is known as an intactivist site. They do not see anything beyond a foreskin. Everything they do and use is a scare tactic and do not base much if anything on facts. Its a very one sided article to say the least.

Infant circumcision is a very safe procedure if done correctly. Ask that your doctor use a local anesthetic and make sure he is good at what he does. If you go to the Sexologist pages and look under circumcision discussion, you will see a posting related to intactivists. WJA who posted above is one of them. You can see all his ranting and raving about it. Yet he enjoys the health benefits of being circumcised first hand but is too hung up to realize it.

Since your husband wants it done, I am guessing he has been circumcised too. That means YOU have benefited from him being circumcised in your sexual health overall. YOUR husband has benefited too. Nowhere do you state in what you read the medical benefits associated with circumcision. I again will assume NONE were posted. Clearly medical and scientific evidence has proven the benefits of circumcision.

My son was circumcised 24 hours after birth, with a local anesthetic and showed NONE of the symptoms you have stated above. Its all scare tactics. I grew up with a foreskin, but had so many problems as a child that I would never allow that for my son. I was embarrassed every time I ended up at the doctor''s office. He was an intactivist and vowed to my parents and to me that he would make sure I retained my foreskin at all costs. I was poked and prodded due to phimosis which also resulted in foreskin tearing before I was sexually active. These issues really do happen with uncircumcised boys. Intactivists downplay this. Circumcision has been practiced for thousands of years very safely and way over 99% of all circumcised men are very satisfied and thankful that it was done. The less then 1% of them have some serious issues and none of them have to do with circumcision itself, rather their beliefs in reading what intactivists want them to believe.

I urge you to reevaluate your decision. Circumcision results are best when done as a newborn. Little or no discomfort and typically heals in 7-10 days with no issues. Circumcision has less problems than ear piercing. Having been circumcised as an adult, mine was as a result from the years of abuse by an intactivist doctor who had torn my foreskin from my glans not once but numerous times because of tightness. It was some of the most painful experiences I have had. He wanted to give me a dorsal slit at 12 so that the skin would be loose around the penis head. I refused. I asked to be circumcised but he refused to do it and my parents believed at the time his diagnosis was right. After a few more abusive and embarrassing sessions of having to drop my pants (this started at 6), I refused to go back there. He wanted to try steroid creams that thin the skin out to where it creates many more issues late in life.

End result, I ended up going to a doctor that had my best interest in mind, got circumcised as a young adult. The results were great from a sexual perspective. My wife who had experienced me both with and without a foreskin really enjoyed experiencing the BIG O after circumcision. Aesthetically she commented that infant circumcision looks way better.

From a cost perspective, it is about 10-12 times cheaper getting it done as a newborn compared to any other time when a general anesthetic would need to be used and could involve a hospital stay as well.

I urge you to do more research and look at the overall trend. More men are being circumcised due to the health benefits alone for themselves and the women they love.

My wife''s perspective was that after seeing what I experienced she did not wish that on any child of hers at any cost and is glad that we had our son circumcised as a newborn.

Our son has on more than one occasion thanked us for not leaving him with a foreskin as he has two close friends that were not circumcised and both had problems with their foreskins as teenagers. DIfferent problems, but both serious. One had to get circumcised at 16. It was very embarrasing to him at school as he had to sit out a season of playing soccer due to the surgery and the time to heal. All the kids knew about it and he felt very uneasy around the girls from the looks he got and comments made. Kids can be brutal as he found out.

These are things that mostly go unreported in almost all blogs and are also never really reported so there is relatively little information on foreskin problems. My only wish is that I had been circumcised as an infant and would not have had to endure any of the problems or the pain I experienced having foreskin problems. After my circumcision, my pain was minimal, but the healing was about 3-4 weeks.

Your son deserves the best his parents can do for him so think about his lifelong benefits and quality of life. Have him circumcised as a newborn, knowing its a healthy, smart decision that has lifelong benefits.

I wish my parents had access to better health care and information when I was born. You have it, use if for the best.

Good luck!

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Posted by: Val | 2011/07/15

@Paediatrician, Thanks for responding so quick doc now i can ease my conscious@Lee, I gas my fears n corncerns were based more on what I read on that article but now that its coming from you, i gas it doesn''t sound as bad as they made it out to be, I''ll definetely think about it, thanks a mil.

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Posted by: WJA | 2011/07/15

Also consider that one day your sons may question why they were circumcisecd as I questioned my parents.

I believe that event man has a right to an intact body (including his penis) and that, should he wish to be circumcised, can make that decision for himself as an adult.

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Posted by: lee | 2011/07/14


I had both my boys circumcised 9 days after they were born and it does look sore but only for that time. It heals very quickly if you follow the drs orders. The article u read is talking a whole load of nonsense, the only times my boys cried was when the procedure was being done which takes about 15-30mins.

It is actually more painfull when they are older, a friend of mine had her sons done when he was three and all the things in the article u quoted is what he was going through.

I recommend u do it soon after the birth.

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